The Walking Dead may be on hiatus, but for those looking to satisfy that zombie craving, Fear The Walking Dead is heading your way.

One of the many things we are excited for this summer is Fear The Walking Dead and it's ranked at the top of our list. Although it isn't as great as its mother show, The Walking Dead, there is a certain charm about FTWD and its characters that captivate us. Even though the characters have many flaws, their imperfections make them interesting enough to keep us watching.

In preparation for the demanded show, we decided to take the liberty to make some predictions about the upcoming season, which premieres June 4th. Check out our list below and after the show premieres, check back to see if we got anything right. 

1- The Return Of Alex From The Airplane Shorts- A while back during a previous season of The Walking Dead, a short sequence of videos were released about Alex. As the survivor of a plane crash, she meets up with our group of heroes and suddenly disappears after being on the show for a limited time. We are predicting that we haven't seen the last of her.

2- The Fate Of Luciana Revealed- We are going to go out on a limb and predict that Luciana will survive the gunshot wound she sustained last season. This seems like an easy prediction because TWD fans know that if death isn't shown on screen, it isn't the end for that character. This is most likely the case for Luciana, which leads us to believe she is going to survive. 

3- The Main Group Will Continue To Make Bad Decisions- This is one of our personal gripes with the show's characters. Time after time, the decisions made by our heroes are just baffling. While we hope for them to gain wisdom, most of the tension comes from them thinking carelessly. Although, the show needs them to keep making decisions that will get characters killed to keep the plot going.

So those are our thoughts, what are yours? What are you hoping to see in this season of Fear The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments below.