Former MLB star, Luis Gonzalez, has a new title he can add to his resume after rescuing an elderly woman from a burning car wreck on Friday.

Declared a hero by fans and admirers across social media, Gonzalez broke his silence on the incident and spoke to TMZ yesterday about the entire incident.

The elderly woman's identity has not been released.

"We were just going down the road and we saw a car right in front of us just kind of barreling through, hit the median and jumped the curb and went across the other side of the road and hit a car going the opposite direction head on," Gonzalez explained.

Jumping to the rescue, Gonzalez and his friend went to check on the wrecked car and the elderly woman was still in the vehicle. After some struggling, Gonzalez managed to pull her out of the wreckage as the vehicle was about to catch fire.

"I told her the car behind me was starting to catch on fire, that we needed to get her out," Gonzalez elaborated.

While the elderly lady suffered some broken ribs and a punctured lung, she is expected to recover. No other major injuries were reported.

"She's going to be ok and that's the most important part of it," Gonzalez continued to say.

Since news of the situation broke, Gonzalez's actions have earned him great praise. Fans and his former fellow MLB players have been coming out and sharing their praise of his actions.