'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' Season 6: Kirk Frost Agrees To Take Paternity Test Under One Condition [VIDEO]

It looks like Kirk Frost will finally take a DNA test to prove whether or not he has a child with another woman, Jasmine, other than his wife, Rasheeda, on VH1's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

In the teaser, Kirk pops up on Rasheeda's trip with the girls in Jamaica.

While she said she was hoping to get away from the drama during her time on the island, she opened up to Kirk about what happened regarding the baby drama since the last time they spoke.

Rasheeda told Kirk about Logan, a guy who told Rasheeda he thinks he is the father of Jasmine's child, Kannon. In the previous episode, Logan told Rasheeda that the child was named after his father, whose name is also Kannon.

This seemed to relieve Kirk that another man was in the picture, so he finally agreed to take a paternity test to see for himself. Still, he wanted to make sure it was under his conditions.

He pointed out that he strongly believes Jasmine is a "scammer" and always has been for as long as he's known her. So he wanted to get a DNA test through his own lawyer and was willing to spend $20,000 to do it.

"[I'll] know that it's straight, it ain't crooked... Let the lawyers handle it and do it that way... We'll definitely get to the bottom of that."

Reports claimed that the DNA test results, for Logan, were revealed at the reunion special and it was said that Logan was not the biological father.

It might be safe to say that Kirk's results will be announced at the reunion as well.

Rasheeda told Kirk she wanted to get away from all of the drama that she has been having to live in front of the entire world.

See the full episode Monday at 8/7c. Keep up with Enstars for more.

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