Evelyn Lozada has finally revealed why she has an issue with her VH1 Basketball Wives co-star, Brandi Maxiell.

It might have seemed like Lozada was jumping on Shaunie O'Neal and Tami Roman's bandwagon when she ganged up on Maxiell. Although, it turns out she has her own issues with Maxiell for a different reason.

In the midseason finale, the ladies finally hashed things out and almost made it through without getting physical. But before the punches were thrown, Lozada revealed that she wasn't a fan of Maxiell.

She also admitted that the only reason why she came back on the show was because she was told Maxiell wouldn't be there.

She was referring to speculation that Malaysia Pargo and Maxiell would be booted off the show prior to Lozada joining the Los Angeles installment.

Interestingly enough, Shaunie O'Neal, who is the creator and executive producer of the show, jumped in and gave her thoughts.

"It was more of a substance issue," O'Neal revealed, which only led to more questions for Pargo.

"So what you're saying is that I don't have any substance?" O'Neal confirmed before Pargo fired her own shot at her.

"Well, I feel like you don't either."

Of course, this ends in a screaming match between O'Neal and Pargo. O'Neal ended up saying the whole incident was very "high school."

Newcomer, Bonnie-Jill, became extra vocal and sided with O'Neal. She also said that Pargo doesn't have a true career.

At this point, the issue escalated far beyond Lozada's problem with Pargo and Maxiell.

Before you know it, Jackie Christie tries to point all the blame at Bonnie-Jill. It all ended with Christie charging toward Bonnie despite the ladies trying to hold her back.

She wasn't able to get far enough to make her attack.

See it below.

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