The highly anticipated reunion between Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams is approaching. It's been five years since the ladies have had an actual conversation and now their first meetup is going to be shown on camera.

In a teaser for Basketball Wives, Williams originally returned to the show to catch up with her friend, Tami. However, she soon finds out that Lozada has turned over a new leaf, as opposed to maintaining her old habits.

Although, Tami admits that she is uncertain that Lozada has changed, but she reassured Williams that Lozada has learned to maintain her composure and keep control over her anger issues.

Lozada was known for causing drama and for always having beef with everyone. However, she has made several attempts to prove to the rest of the cast that she is no longer that bottle throwing woman.

"Evelyn was evil, back in the day, but the fact that Evelyn and I don't have a relationship, it actually makes me really sad because her and I had our own separate friendship before we even met any of these other ladies," Williams admitted to Tami.

Although Tami agreed that there was definitely a lot of history there, she believes that the ladies need to patch things up. However, Williams is expecting an apology from Lozada.

"I feel like her ass needs to apologize," Williams said about Lozada.

See what happens on the new episode of Basketball Wives, which airs Monday night at 9/8c. Check out the sneak peek below.