Fans saw the screaming match between Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada in Monday night's episode of Basketball Wives on VH1. Now, a teaser for the upcoming episode revealed the drama is far from over for the new co-stars.

Tami Roman and Christie sat down together to recap the events that included Christie and Lozada giving one another below the belt insults.

Roman, unknowingly, revealed to Christie that Lozada told her to go take care of her own daughter and "stop worrying about" Lozada. Christie said it was a good thing she didn't hear that comment because things would have gotten much uglier than they did.

"I didn't put her kid in it," she said. "[Evelyn's daughter] Shaniece looked very cute that night. She's a sweet girl and I will not throw her in the middle of this. Evelyn should know better."

While it seemed like Christie was making a sensible statement at the time, she went on to say that Lozada wanted to get in the middle of her marriage with Doug Christie.

"She wants to be a sister wife with me and I'm not interested," Jackie said.

Roman couldn't help but burst out in laughter.

That didn't stop Jackie from going even further and accusing Lozada of "stalking" her.

"I could be disrespectful," Jackie added. "I ain't like that. I never put her kid in it. I'm not telling her, 'I heard things like Shaniece is a 'build-a-wh*re.'"

Roman was confused at what the actual term was, but later told cameras Christie "crossed the line" with the comment.

"Had she said that about my daughter, I'd still be pulling my foot out of her a**. Let's just do this Jackie. Leave the kids out of it. That way we can have a good time in New York."

Jackie said she would only be in the same room with Lozada if she apologizes.

Roman said it's not likely.

Check out the full episode Monday at 9/8c on VH1.