Jennifer Aniston Confirms She’s Actually #TeamRoss, Shuts Down Rachel and Joey Fantasies


Jennifer Aniston just confirmed that she is actually #TeamRoss after a ridiculous 100-tweet-long thread has gone viral online as to why Rachel should have ended up with Joey instead of Ross on "Friends". With this, many people were no longer surprised with Jen's reaction and opinion regarding one of the most iconic characters she has ever played on TV.

Because of this online debate, Cosmopolitan reported that many were forced especially those who were alive in the '90s to select a side. Although this appeared silly since the argument doesn't even matter, still a lot of people took to the said social media their choices. However, it seems like a lot still go for Rachel having ended up with Ross since telling that she should end up with Joey is unequivocally wrong.

And now, Aniston just weighed in and confirmed that she is indeed with #TeamRoss and it is not a big deal for most of "Friends" fans. The actress was asked by one publication about the raging debate on social media and her answer gave light and truth so this silly thing will already stop.

When asked if she secretly wished Rachel had ended up with Joey, Aniston gave a negative answer right away. But she admitted that there was a time the production thought of developing Rachel's relationship with Joey and it just did not work. With this, she added that it was Ross and Rachel all the way.

Moreover, according to She Knows, Jennifer said that if there are still sequels for "Friends", she believes Rachel and Ross's relationship will still thrive. She doesn't think Rachel and Joey could have made it since she thinks what's with them was more physical rather than emotional. Simply, she described it as friends with benefits and they just left it at that.

From the mouth of Jennifer Aniston, the fans of the hit show in the '90's, "Friends", can already have an answer. With this, everyone is encouraged to just let this debate go and accept that Rachel and Ross were the ones who should end up together and with no one else.

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