'Scandal' Season 7: Tony Goldwyn Reveals Shocking Spoilers [VIDEO]

As if the season finale of Scandal wasn’t enough, fans can only imagine what to expect in the upcoming last season of the ABC series. Thankfully, star Tony Goldwyn, who plays previous President Fitzgerald Grant (AKA Fitz) unveiled a few spoilers!

“Well, we have a female President, which people know, which is very exciting,” he told reporters at the release of Esquire’s September 2017 issue called, “Mavericks of Style.” He added, “And being the final season, [Shonda Rhimes] has really… the reason we are doing season seven and the reason she wanted to do the final season is because she really wanted to try some new stuff and take these characters that we’ve really gotten to know so well and explore them more deeply.”

While the show has been on for years, Goldwyn said there are still dynamics of each character that we have yet to learn. And season seven is the place and time to do it.

“With every script there’s something really fresh and groundbreaking that happens,” he added. “We’re super excited about it. Right now we’re [filming] our fourth episode and it’s really great. It’s really great.”

As for the show coming to an end, Goldwyn said he’s just relieved it was up to the series, not ABC.

“Networks, they don’t have to tell you! So a lot of shows, Come May, they say, ‘Oh by the way in September you don’t have a job. So we knew a year ahead of time. Shonda called us all and she was like this is what’s happening, this is a decision I made. It wasn’t the network; I am bringing this to a close and finishing it strong. So it’s a celebration, really. It’s like being a senior in high school. And we all know we’re graduating, so we all get to appreciate every moment. And we’re very, very close.”

He confirmed the cast is close on and off the set. But he also has a plan to make sure he can keep up with Fitz’s swagger after the show ends for good.

“I am trying to secretly steal all my wardrobe,” Goldwyn said. “I’ll probably end up having to pay for it because I have some really nice clothes. I’ve been trying to decide what [to take]. Something from Fitz’s oval office I’ll have to take with me but I haven’t decided what that is.”

Scandal season 7 premeires Thursday Oct. 5 at 9/8c on ABC.

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