Joseph Kahn To Get 'Restraining Order' Against Trouble Maker

Joseph Kahn, who have worked with many celebrity pop stars including Taylor Swift, got a restraining order against an ex employee who has been harassing him on social media since 2009.

TMZ reported that the "Bad Blood" director asserts that his former employee has been sending him inappropriate mails and tagging him on angry post now and then since 2009. The man had temporarily worked for Kahn but was fired in 2008 because he found him "unstable and unreliable."

Kahn also claims that the man started persistently harassing him afterward through email by talking to him like dog, commenting about his penis, insulting his character, and sending "pornographic emails depicting [the man] being sodomised."

Kahn states that emails began in September with a disturbing message saying "Now sit and wait for your treat" followed by justification/apology two days later saying, "I am insanely chemically unbalanced even when sober."

Kahn, fearing for his safety later asked the judge for the restraining order, which he agreed.

Celebrities are often prone to such similar cases. One such celebrity victim is "The Imitation Game " star Keira Knightley who regimented a restraining order against a creepy stalker earlier this year.

Mark Revil, terrified Knightley with his behaviour by showing up uninvited at her home, delivering queer letters and scribbling in chalk on the pavement outside her front door.

The stalker was reported to have allegedly breached the restraining order but later admitted to his crimes this year between January 1 and April 1, at Blackfriars Crown Court in London.

Another star that has experienced such an incident is "The Theory of Everything " star Eddie Redmayne, who had also asked for a restraining order because of a creepy stalker.

Redmayne claimed that he repeatedly asked the stalker to leave him alone but took legal action only when the intruder approached him outside his home and tried to touch his arm when he was with his daughter Iris.

Later, this year Gaby Steiger, 49 pleaded guilty to stalking Redmayne for a period of five years at Camberwell Green Magistrate's Court, London in September.

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