The veterans are back on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta and they made it clear they’re still the Queen Bees of the show.

NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann make their highly anticipated return to the series along with Sheree Whitifled, who is also an original cast member and returned to the show in season eight. They join Kandi Burruss, who is pretty much a veteran herself as she joined the show in its second season, and Cynthia Bailey, who came on in the third season as well as Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore who received their coveted peaches in the fifth.

Leakes makes her return known and tells cameras, “I am back, and of course the haters still know I’m here,” in the teaser. And she doesn’t waste anytime letting Williams know how she feels about the drama she helped stir last season. Williams and Phaedra Parks instigated rumors about Burruss that could have landed her in major trouble. It came out at the ninth season reunion that the entire thing was not only false but allegedly concocted in an effort to make Burruss look bad.

“You deserve some discipline for what you did to Kandi,” Leakes yells at Williams, who seems to be taking all of the flack considering Parks didn’t get her peach this season.

 Zolciak-Biermann might not actually have her peach but she is definitely stirring the pot when it comes to Moore’s secret marriage as she tries to find out if it’s actually real or just for the cameras, which Moore has been accused of doing in the past.

“Have you guys met her husband?” Zolciak-Biermann asked.

That clearly struck a chord with Moore as she told her, “Worry about pimping out your daughter…If you come for me, I’ll rip your head off.”

As for Whitfield and Bailey, they’re too busy worried about their new relationships to get involved in the drama. But don’t get it twisted, their issues with some of the ladies are still very present.

Bailey has moved on from her estranged husband Peter Thomas and Thomas is willing to duke it out with the new guy, who proclaims he isn’t going anywhere, in order to get Bailey’s affection again.

“Cynthia and I will get back together,” Thomas said.

Whitfield’s love life is a little less romantic as she’s dating a man in prison.

Leakes points out, “He’s a con artist!” while Burruss speculates, “I hope he doesn’t con her out of Chateau Sheree!”

Check out the teaser below.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 10 premieres Nov. 5 at 8/7c on Bravo.