Star couple Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen had created a frenzy among their fans after they had called it quits. Now they have a reason.

 According to Daily Mail, its sources have claimed that the reason for the split was Emma Roberts. Apparently, Christensen is involved with this actress. The actress discovered that Christensen was being unfaithful to her and exchanging flirty text messages with Emma Roberts.This was when Bilson Lost it and decided to separate.

The news of the split broke on September 19 but the duo had been having issues for a couple of months, a source said. It was Bilson who dumped the Star Wars actor Christensen for flirting.

Initial reports suggested that they were separating due to their conflicting work schedules. Since their break up, the couple was first spotted outside a hotel in Los Angeles where they had met to drop their daughter. This outing occurred just two days after burglars reportedly ransacked Rachel's home and stole close to $50,000 worth of belongings from her closet.

The 2-year-old daughter was seen walking towards her mom while sipping a drink as she wore a blue dress with a pink hat. Christensen and Bilson have been together for the past ten years. The two first met on the sets of their 2008 film Jumper and then got engaged in December the same year. Although they had a rough start and called off their engagement in 2010, they later seemed to have reconciled. The couple had a daughter in October 2014 and named her Briar Rose.

The family of three were often seen holidaying together. Recently, Christensen and Roberts did a film together called Little Italy. The flick is a romantic comedy and also stars Alyssa Milano. Earlier Emma while talking about the film had said that it was a fun movie where one can laugh and cry at the same time and that she loved it.