Fans who tuned in to this season of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood saw that Ray J and his wife, Princess Love, struggled with conceiving their first child together. Interestingly enough, rumors also swirled that Ray J’s sister, singer Brandy, is with child. Now, Princess has cleared up speculation that Brandy is the couple’s secret surrogate.

Both Brandy and Princess addressed the respective rumors they are facing on Instagram. It started when Brandy shared a video of her performing in Chicago over the weekend. She thanked the audience for their support before she shut down rumors that she is carrying her second child.

“…close your eyes if you think I’m pregnant. (As long as y’all been saying it, the baby would have been born and at least 1 by now).”

She added that she’s “#thickerthanasnicker… I love it”

Still, one fan seemed to be convinced Brandy wasn’t telling the truth.

“She’s carry a baby for her brother because princess can’t have kids.”

It didn’t take long for Princess to respond and confront both rumors.

“@rhomielove she’s not our surrogate lol and yes I can have kids…”

She also added, “I just saw [Brandy] last week she’s not pregnant”

See it below courtesy of The Jasmine Brand.

This season on Love & Hip Hop, Princess and Ray J did not conceive their child as soon as they had hoped. Ray J even went to see a specialist and found out that his sperm count was lower than normal. Still, the physician convinced him it was treatable and told Ray J various things he needed to do in order to boost his count (such as stop smoking cigarettes).

Meanwhile, Ray J has tried to show Princess that he’s good with children. In one episode he and Princess babysat Stevie Rose Weintraub, the one-year-old son of his and Princess’s manager, David Weintraub and Mallory Knighton.

“I’ve been doing everything in my power to show Princess and everybody around me that I can do the job…,” Ray J said.

All seemed to be going well until Princess walked in and pointed out baby Stevie needed her diaper changed. That’s when Ray J seemed to back up and asked Princess what they should do. While Princess thought his attempts to prove he could be a great dad were hilarious, she couldn’t help but admit the idea that he wanted to at least try was pretty impressive.

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