It appears that the sexual harassment epidemic is still catching up with certain people. Since September 2017, several actors were outed for their inappropriate and unforgivable sexual crimes that were hidden for years.

One of the actors that was swept up in the scandal was Gossip Girl alum Ed Westwick. Westwick was publicly accused by three women of rape. The accusations caused the actor's latest project, Ordeal by Innocence, to pull back on its expected release. Now, it seems the show will go on without Westwick.

Westick's Ordeal

In November 2017, actress Kristina Cohen shared on her Facebook account that Westwick raped her in 2014 at his house. The actress alleged that she went to lay down in Westwick's guest room when she awoke to Westwick on top of her. Cohen's accusations were followed by actress, Aurélie Wynn, and creative producer, Rachel Eck. Both Wynn and Eck claimed that Westwick raped them on separate occasions in July 2014.

Westwick denied all the allegations against him.

"It is disheartening and sad to me that as a result of two unverified and provably untrue social media claims, there are some in this environment who could ever conclude I have had anything to do with such vile and horrific conduct," he said in a statement.

Westwick was set to star in the Agatha Christie drama and had already completed all of his scenes.

The BBC program wasn't expected to premiere after Westwick was implicated of these sexual crimes. However, the show has announced that Westwick will be replaced by actor Christian Cooke. Cooke will reshoot all of Westwick's scenes, which is expected to take place later this month.     

Westwick isn't the only actor who lost a role because of his past sins. Actor Kevin Spacey was fired from the original Netflix show, House of Cards, and was also replaced in the film, All the Money in the World, by actor Christopher Plummer. Spacey was accused of sexually harassing and groping dozens of men since the 1980's. That 70's Show star, Danny Masterson, was also fired from the Netflix show, The Ranch, after he was accused of raping five women.

The Romeo + Juliet actor is also being investigated by the LAPD.