Family Guy Tackles Stewie's Sexuality, Reveals His Real Voice

This week's episode of Family Guy focused on Stewie Griffin and finally addressed fans' curiosity about his sexuality. The episode likewise revealed that Stewie has been faking his British accent.

The past seasons of the Fox animated series have hinted at Stewie being homosexual. There have been instances or scenarios that seemingly confirmed his preference for men, although the show's creators have never fully discussed or focused on his sexuality before until recently, on Sunday's Family Guy episode called "Send in Stewie, Please."


In this episode, the youngest of the Griffin family opened up about his sexuality in a therapy session with Dr. Pritchfield, voiced by Ian McKellen. He was sent in to speak to the therapist after he pushed Tyler, a boy from school, down the stairs. Stewie explained that he pushed Tyler because he liked him and was afraid that he would not like him back. However, he quickly clarified that he likes Tyler but not in a homosexual way.

"And not like him like him. I'm not gay. This whole thing isn't because I'm gay so calm down, I can already see you licking your chops. I'm sure you live for the 'coming out' sessions," Stewie tells Dr. Pritchfield, adding that he "is less gay" that he used to be.

However, the foul-mouthed toddler still seems confused about his sexuality because he talks about him and actor Grant Gustin (The Flash) being a good Instagram couple. He could not seem to bring himself to admit that he is 100 percent heterosexual and preferred to call himself as "fluid." He admitted that he is confident in his heterosexuality, although he is not even sure if "heterosexual" is a real word.

"It just sounded strange for a second," Stewie adds.

Family Guy writer Gary Janetti said that Stewie's uncertainty about his sexuality "gives him a vulnerability," which the show wants to keep. Whether he is gay or not is something that the show wants fans to keep guessing. However, Janetti suggested reading between the lines would help identify Stewie's sexuality.

British Accent

Aside from Stewie's sexuality, "Send in Stewie, Please" also revealed that Stewie has been faking his British accent. In the same therapy session with Dr. Pritchfield, he admitted that he talks in British because he wanted to stand out.

The Family Guy episode revealed that Stewie, in fact, sounds like how the standard suburban New England speaks. His British accent was part of his narcissistic tendencies to not be like everyone else in the Griffin household.

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