Clayne Crawford apologizes for his bad behavior on the set of Lethal Weapon, admitting that he's been reprimanded twice by management in the past season.

Crawford, who plays Martin Riggs in the show, took to Instagram to respond to the reports of his bad behavior, sharing a photo of his lengthy statement.

"Forgive my delayed response," he wrote on the caption of the post.


Crawford's Problematic Behavior

In his Instagram post, the 40-year-old star called the recent reports "distressing." He then shared two instances that had him disciplined during the production of Lethal Weapon Season 2.

One incident included Crawford angrily responding to the working conditions, which, as he describes, didn't feel very safe or even just conducive to working well. The actor notes that the incident happened with a guest helmer and an assistant director on set, both of whom reacted with anger as well.

After this particular event, the Lethal Weapon star met with HR, apologized, and finished the required therapy by the studio. He also "shared" a part of his salary to one party he was in conflict with.

The second incident occurred during a Crawford-directed episode when one of the actors was hit with a section of shrapnel and consequently felt unsafe on the set. While he claims all safety precautions were followed, he takes responsibility for what happened under his watch as director.

"I am incredibly sorry if my passion for doing good work has ever made anyone feel less than comfortable on our set, or feel less than celebrated for their efforts," Crawford says in his statement. "Furthermore, I apologize to all the crew and cast for any negative attention Lethal Weapon is receiving because of these incidents."

'Lethal Weapon' At Risk

After all, it's not just Crawford who's at risk with his behavior.

Sources reveal to The Hollywood Reporter that despite Lethal Weapon's good performance with ratings and critics, the future of the series is uncertain as a number of parties involved with the show do not want to work with Crawford anymore. Warner Bros. Television is reportedly considering a recast for the lead role of Riggs, possibly an actress.

Crawford closes off his statement by expressing his gratitude for his job and saying that he works hard for the show.

"I feel a responsibility to do good work for my coworkers, for my family, for my home state, and especially for the fans," he says. "I hope they will stick with me, and stick with the show."

Lethal Weapon has yet to be renewed for a third season. Fox and Warner Bros. Television are expected to make a decision about the show's upcoming season before June 30, when the options on the cast expire.

Lethal Weapon stars Crawford, Damon Wayans, Jordana Brewster, Keesha Sharp, and Kevin Rahm, among others.