The Oscars award-winning actress Jane Fonda was among the 16 people who were arrested for civil disobedience after taking part  in a climate change protest outside the East Front of the United States Capitol.

The 81-year-old Vietnam War objector just finished delivering her speech as part of their protest with the group "Oil Change International" when the Capitol Police took her into custody. They obstructed a public building which, according to Washington Law, an act of misdemeanor.

They have been charged with "crowding, obstructing or incommoding." Fonda, however, mentioned that everything has been planned and that she will be participating in every rally every Friday throughout the year.

The crowd shouting "We love you, Jane" can be heard in a video that has surfaced online. In the said video, Fonda was shown with her hands behind her back as the police take her to custody.

Fonda stated that she wanted to support young climate change protesters like Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teen climate change activist who recently sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.

Thunberg traveled from the United Kingdom to New York City in a solar panel-powered yacht to show the importance of reducing emissions. The actress also mentioned Naomi Klein's best-selling book, "On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal," which inspired her to stand up for the community and speak about climate change.

The capture reminded people of her rebellious liberal activism decades ago. Nontheless, she still vowed to return to the Capitol. Each week, they will tackle different topics including the Green New Deal and protecting lands.

In her speech, Fonda mentioned that the toxic ideology is the reason why people work for the lands that were stolen from them. Pointing out more on how exhausted both the world and its people, she tackled the worldwide issue where private companies are secretly burning down the forests, most especially the Amazon.

She also believed that the world is now a ticking time bomb, with a short time left and everything is now urgent.

It has been almost half a century since the 'political hero' was also arrested while protesting about the Vietnam War in Cleveland. People believe that she is a true activist icon up until today.

Hanoi Jane, Fonda's nickname that she got 49 years ago for posing in an anti-aircraft gun, is well-known for protesting her beliefs no matter what the consequence is. She became famous for traveling to Vietnam to personally see the effects of the war, then criticized the military.

A few years later, she apologized for his "careless and thoughtless" action of having a photograph in the said gun like she was trying to take down U.S. planes.

Last September 20, she delivered a speech at the Student Strike for Climate Change, where she called the participants "mature adults in the room." On that day, she announced she would move to the capital city to do more action to stop the issue.

Climate change is an emerging issue in U.S. politics. Interetsingly, the nominees for the 2020 Democratic Presidential elections have their own platforms that will resolve climate change issues.