Avengers: Endgame actor Jeremy Renner is currently in the midst of a massive scandal after his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, accused him of threatening to kill her. 

The stories are currently unfolding and the truth is yet to be revealed. However, people are waiting for the truth, especially after the damning allegations made against the famed actor.

Renner figures to be the one who will be most impacted by what is turning to be a messy legal battle for child custody. With that said, we compiled some key information to get to know the Hawkeye actor more.

1. Renner's Legal Battle

Renner's ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, accused the actor of threatening to kill her. She also claimed that the 48-year-old California native put a gun in his mouth and tried to kill himself before firing in the ceiling.

The court documents filed by Pacheco and her lawyers state that they believe Renner's actions were alcohol and drug-induced. Moreover, Pacheco also accused Renner of planning to kill her after he was overherad in a club talking to someone about it -- noting that he cannot deal with her anymore that he wanted her to be gone 

Pacheco also accused Renner of verbally and emotionally abusing her in the past. Renner, through a representative, has since denied the allegations.

A court hearing is set to take place on November 7. The two are also required to attend a child custody mediation.

2. A scammer poses as Renner

Earlier this month, the Crime Stoppers Okanagan team warned the public about a scammer who uses Renner's name to squeeze money from women in exchange for romance. 

According to Forbes Magazine, Renner is one of the highest-paid actors in 2017. With that said, it's confusing (and laughable) why someone would use a wealthy actor's name to con people for cash.

In relation to this, Renner even posted a tweet to personally warn his fans and tell them not to get involved with those swindlers who are asking for money.

3. 'Jeremy Renner App'

Renner is known to be fond of his fans, so much so that he even had a choose-your-adventure game that let the fans be Renner any time of the day through the app.

However, due to trolls using the app to impersonate him and manipulate others, the actor asked EXCAPEX (the company behind the app) to close it down as soon as possible and refund everyone who made purchases within the app.

In a statement about the incident, Renner said it was heartbreaking to see other people use what was supposed to be a happy app to ruin the lives of others.

In exchange for the original app, his fans created a fan-made app to fill the gap that the 'original Jeremy Renner app' has left.

4. Actor to a singer?

Fans are now guessing that the Hawkeye actor is the recent singer in Season 2 of The Masked Singer.

What made fans think it was Renner is the fact that the actor can do cross-promotion for his upcoming film 'Arctic Dogs,' where he will be voicing a fox character. The movie is set to be released on November 1.

Secondly, FOX has posted a clue -- a bionic eye -- on the show. The network hinted that the costume came from the mind of the performer himself.

The actor can be possibly the same masked singer, given the fact that he has a musical background and once became a lead singer of his eponymous band.

5. The young Jeremy

Renner's full name is Jeremy Lee Renner and is the oldest of seven siblings. He studied computer science and criminology in college before he took acting as an elective subject.

In 1995, Renner held his first script for his debut film National Lampoon's Senior Trip, where he played the role of a student.