Reese Witherspoon Crushing On Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Upset?

Jennifer Aniston was reportedly upset about Morning Show co-star Reese Witherspoon for blatantly expressing her crush on Brad Pitt. However, is there any truth to it?

A few weeks back, Mindy Kaling shared a photo on her Instagram page of the GQ spread of Brad Pitt. It got a lot of likes and one comment caught everyone's attention: Witherspoon left a comment saying, "Oh, dear" with a heart-eyed emoticon.

According to the reports, Aniston can be seen annoyed with her co-star for swooning over her ex-husband on social media. 

An anonymous source said that it took about 20 second to get Jen to cool her head. The source said that Aniston felt insulted that Witherspoon was all over social media and openly crushing on her ex-husband.

In the beginning, Jen thought it was all out of harmless fun, but then again, she felt it disrespected her. She felt insulted at the thought that her co-star and friend might be lusting over her ex-husband all this time. 

The alleged source kept on saying that Aniston was bothered by the comment on Instagram because she was quietly trying to fix things up with Pitt. She was hoping that they could come out into the public again as a couple, the source said. According to this phony tipster, Jen has a limited number of people she trusts and Reese Witherspoon is definitely off that list.

"She's going to keep an eye on her," the source said.

No Truth to the Rumors

This will confirm that there is nothing about that tabloid article that's true. For starters, all of the information was based on an insider's information, whose identity remains unknown. Aniston's spokesperson called the malicious claims as "completely false, if not absurd".

The actress is not one bit upset about the comment Witherspoon left on her ex-husband's picture on Instagram. Aniston, through her spokesperson, said that she is not worried about Reese pining over Pitt, as she knew that Witherspoon is happily married to Jim Toth, a talent agent. They have a child together. 

Meanwhile, there's no truth to reports that Aniston and Pitt are not on the verge of rekindling an old flame. They have expressed several times that there is no way that they are getting back together.

If Aniston were to be asked, the two scenarios -- Witherspoon lusting over Pitt and Aniston and Pitt getting back together -- are neither realistic. 

It is important to note, though, that the friendship of Witherspoon and Aniston goes way back to when they played as sisters in Friends. Also, the two have expressed their admiration towards each other in several of their recent interviews on The Morning Show.

There is obviously no rift of any sort between these two actresses, let alone one that involves Pitt. 

Simply put, the news on the tabloid involving these three are complete nonsense. They are not true and they are far from speaking of the truth. 

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