Emma Watson No Longer Hurt By This Insult

Everyone knows Hermione Granger is the brightest witch of her age, and Emma Watson surely proved she can be Hermione on or off-camera. 

Emma Watson admitted she is currently not dating anyone, but the actress refuses to be considered and called "single."

In an interview with British Vogue for their December issue, the 29-year old actress opened up about certain expectations on women, including certain terminologies that she prefers to use in defining her current relationship status. 

According to Emma, she personally does not believe in being happy in a single status relationship. For her, it is just a mere spiel that people use. She explained that it took her a long time to realize it, but she is "very happy" of where she is at right now in her life.

The actress added that she prefers to being called "self-partnered" instead of single.

Emma's previous relationships were with a couple of actors and people in the media industry, including Glee actor Chord Overstreet and tech manager William "Mack" Knight.

The actress's terminology "self-partnered" came to her mind after seeing societal pressures on women, especially those who are turning 30 or in their early 30s who are not involved in a romantic relationship with someone. Emma will be turning 30 on her next birthday in April.

The former "Harry Potter" actress further explained such societal pressures placed on women. She talked about people who take age as a big deal. She expressed how women tend to feel pressure when they reach their 30s, and how they tend to feel stressed and anxious about their life.

Watson realized that this happens to a woman's thinking because of people's standards and norms applied in society. 

Emma added some points on the said societal standards, such as not having to build a home or not having a husband at age 30, and not having a baby when you're already reaching that age of when you should already have one. It adds up to the anxiety women feel, and it's not a good thing. 

Emma is known to be a private person. In fact, in her feature in Vanity Fair in 2017, she discussed her dating life and how she wants to keep her relationship status as private as possible. She also stated how much respect she has to her partner, and that is more important to her. 

Watson wants to be "consistent" when it comes to dealing with her relationship privacy with anyone she is dating. She does not want to bring and use her relationship to the public just because of film promotions, because by then, it will only look like the whole thing is just part of a performance or a stunt.

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