Amidst the controversies that have been happening in the Royal Family, Meghan Markle still remains the "talk of the town." After revealing her struggle as a public role model, a wife to Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and a mother to their child, Archie.

Although Meghan Markle does not need to run for the presidency for her to make a change, she is actually a considerable candidate if she decided to go for the position. In addition, with the new True Royalty TV documentary "Meghan for President?" is being televised, a lot of people have come to the thought that she could possibly be the next President.

The documentary mainly focuses on features and interviews with Meghan's long-time and old friends in the past, including one of the closest people to her heart: her sorority sister, Liz Kores, and her elementary teacher Ilisde Faye. The two were interviewed for the first time about what and who Meghan Markle is in the past.

According to Liz, if Meghan tries to run for the presidency, she described her administration to be "phenomenal." She shared in the interview how and when she met Meghan. The two friends first met in college, both in their freshman year. They were the newest members of the Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter at Northwestern.

The sorority held a chapter meeting that time and Liz stood up and proposed a project called "Glass Slipper Project", an organization that gives prom dresses to girls who could not afford to buy or rent one. She asked her sorority co-members who wants to volunteer with her and Meghan's hand was up right away.

Clothing has been very important for Meghan, and it was pretty obvious to the duchess. For her, there's a big difference when you dress well. That's why for her capsule collection for the Smart Works charity, she provided working wardrobes for women who need it. Liz also shared of when there was a girl who came to them and we could not find a dress for her, but Meghan did not give up and started looking in all the size racks. In the end, they found a dress for the girl. She became emotional and was they were all in tears. Liz added that it was her first strong memory of Meghan's perseverance and proof of how big her heart is to help people.

In the documentary, there was a footage of a 10-year old Meghan Markle campaigning against the first Gulf War. At a young age, Meghan has been an activist. The documentary also showed interviews with a couple of Meghan's friends and a former teacher who admired Meghan for having such strong faith in change, and for being one of the most dynamic members of the Royal Family since Princess Diana.

Meghan's former elementary teacher at Hollywood Schoolhouse, Ilise Faye, was also featured and was given an opportunity to talk something about Meghan. According to Ilise, Meghan was the type of girl who stands up for what she believes in. In fact, Ilise considers Meghan as a "leader amongst her friends, her peer group" even way back. 

Whether or not Meghan will run for office, she is making the change she wants to see in the world, and her belief in it is what makes her a driven, focused lady.