Jennifer Aniston: REAL Beauty Secrets REVEALED!

Jennifer Aniston ageless look has sparked wonders, but now, there might be an answer.

Aniston, who just turned 50 years old earlier this year, has always been known for her charming beauty. However, people notice when they go through Jennifer's photos through the years, the actress does not seem to age.

It is already not new to Jennifer when people ask her what secrets does she have in maintaining such healthy, good-looking skin. When asked though, the actress always tells people she came from good-looking parents and it is (probably) in their genes.

Besides her genes, however, Jennifer makes it a point to emphasize that it is all about maintaining what you have.

More Than Just Genes

Jennifer opened to Los Angeles Times that she got her good skin from her dad, actor John Aniston. However, the actress shared that if she would be given the chance to talk to her younger self, she would remind her to not take her father's genes for granted and maintain it because even good skin has an expiration date.

The former "Friends" star also revealed that she is obsessed with skin care and even has product recommendations that have probiotics.

Jennifer expressed how she is fascinated with the whole probiotics thing that she uses to keep her skin looking good and glowing. She explained how it serves as a protective shield to keep the skin and the cells within healthy.

We Love Facials!

One of Jennifer's recommendations to keep your skin healthy is facials. The actress revealed how much she loves doing facials and even changes her facialist from time to time -- Aniston takes it as an exercise and she likes to mix it up!

Another key for Jennifer is to use a daily moisturizer that will work on your skin. For Jennifer, she uses Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion.

The 50-year-old star revealed that she learned about the product from her mother as she was growing up. Her mother, Nancy Dow, bought her the lotion and she has been using it ever since. She keeps a bottle in her car and in all of her bathrooms in her house, applying the lotion right after she gets off from the shower.

Jennifer also pointed out that there are diets that you need to maintain.

For the actress, eating healthy is a "way of life." She makes sure she has a good, balanced diet and does not intake too much sugar and bad food. She also does not feel any deprivation in having a diet because she keeps in mind that treating your body right is a good lifetime investment.

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