Prior to its Nov. 12 launch date, Disney Plus was perceived as a mere collection of old movies. However, it was that library of Disney Classics that fed the cravings of those hungry for nostalgia.

Disney confirmed that after day one, it already had 10 million sign-ups and 3.2 million mobile app downloads. In comparison, HBO Now has 8 million lifetime subscribers and it took them three years to reach half of what Disney achieved in its first 24 hours.

Keep in mind that the 10 million sign-ups include those on the seven-day free trial service. It also includes those on a one-year free streaming offer for new and existing Verizon users on Unlimited Plans, 5G home internet and Fios.

What to Watch First on Disney Plus

Unexpectedly, it was not "Cinderella" or "Sleeping Beauty" that garnered the most views from Disney's first-time subscribers.

So, while Disney Plus is sticking to kid-appropriate movies, they did offer some nice clean fun for adults. Disney has no plans for R-rated films coming up in the near future, however.

The TV series "The World According to Jeff Goldblum" and Kristen Bell's "Encore" won the hearts of families across the U.S.

The most-watched shows on the Disney Plus debut included "The Mandalorian." This was already expected as it built upon fans' desires for more of the Star Wars franchise.

The 2008 TV series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" was also a crowd favorite. Previously, Disney Plus was expecting only the 2 million subscribers that already pre-ordered the service.

Why Subscribe to Disney+ Now

Do note that if you are a big fan of Disney and Pixar movies plus the Star Wars and Marvel franchise, then you will want to subscribe to Disney Plus if you have not yet.

Disney Plus is currently waiting for films like "Coco" and "Solo: A Star Wars Story" to make the move from Netflix to its home streaming service.

Everything Disney-related will be knocked off of Netflix and other streaming services by the end of 2019 when their licensing will expire.

Disney also acquired licensing for 30 seasons of "The Simpsons" from Fox.

Exceeding ROI for Disney

A total of 10 million sign-ups was a shocking reception to the streaming service. It reportedly exceeded even Disney's highest expectations.

Disney projected 60 to 90 million subscribers in the next five years. Now, their stocks went up by six percent as a result. By contrast, Netflix's stocks went down by 3 percent.

Disney is holding off on any more updates on values until next year. Fans should be able to get a more accurate comparison of Disney Plus against Netflix's 150 million subscribers worldwide by then.

At this rate, Disney could reach its target number of subscribers two years earlier.

Disney+ Encountered Some Hiccups

Take note, Disney Plus has only been launched in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Disney Plus release date in the U.K. is not until March 31.

The rest of the world will have to wait for the technical issues to subside.

Yes, since Disney did not expect 10 million sign-ups and an increasing number of subscribers by the day, there have been technical issues with some unable to log in.

Disney+ Freebies That Are Worth It

Once fans do get to log in, they are in for a treat on movies in 4K and HDR at no extra charge. That is right.

While Netflix charges more on top of their $12/month subscription for watching films in 4K, Disney Plus lets subscribers watch the "Star Wars" franchise and more in 4K on a $6.99/month subscription.

More Marvel films like "Hawkeye" and "Loki" are coming to Disney+. In the meantime, "High School Musical: The Musical Series" has been well-received, too.

Moreover, based on the WOAH moments on the first two episodes with Pedro Pascal as "Mandalorian," fans will want to binge on the series every Friday.

With the success of "Mandalorian," there are now huge expectations for the next coming originals to Disney Plus.

Oh, and fans can download "Mandalorian" and the other Disney Plus offers for offline viewing as much as storage permits. Again, at no extra charge.

Disney Plus is available to stream on android, iPhone, iPad, tablets, smart TVs, Roku, Sony PS4, and Xbox One.

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