Prince Andrew Now in the FBI Hot List for Jeffrey Epstein Involvement

Prince Andrew dug his own grave, and now he has to face his self-inflicted predicaments alone.

The Duke of York opened up long-forgotten wounds and left more unanswered questions after his one-on-one BBC interview with journalist Emily Maitlis. The interview affected not only the Royal Family but also his corporate partnerships with various sponsors and charities.

Someone got extremely interested and expressed their intention to seek for more information regardless of what the effects would be.

Per the Times of London report, the FBI started making their moves to sit with Prince Andrew and discuss his relationship with the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

A source from the Justice Department divulged information about the current discussions between the FBI and the department to interview the duke. Prince Andrew piqued FBI's curiosity more after a report circulated saying that his friend and Epstein's confidante Ghislaine Maxwell was the one who brought underage girls to him.

"If he agrees to an interview, he could potentially provide some very unique and helpful insights and make a considerable difference to the investigation," the The Times source said.

The FBI still cannot make a step forward despite citing Prince Andrew's intent to help "any appropriate law enforcement agency" in his official statement. They will only be able to proceed with the interview if Prince Andrew sends a "go" signal to investigate everything related to Epstein's sex trafficking crimes.

Former Head of Royal Protection Sides FBI

Dai Davies, the ex-royal protection officer, showed his eagerness to persuade the current officers in ending their "code of silence" and help the FBI with their investigation.

Davies also encouraged the officers, particularly in the old Scotland Yard unit, to help hand-in-hand and assist the law enforcement agency if they have any material evidence.

This "sorry saga" forced the officers to stay silent, but Davies could not understand how they can "ethically, morally, or legally" zip their mouths. He also mentioned the Official Secrets Act, which ultimately does not cover the wrongdoings of Prince Andrew.

Davies also appeared with the former Queen press secretary, Dickie Arbiter, and Media Lawyer Mark Stephens on Good Morning Britain prior to the withdrawal of the Duke of York from his royal duties.

"There are a lot of questions to ask an answer [for]. I do not believe frankly a word he said and I said yesterday to the media I would have loved to sit down now with him as I am sure peers would interrogate him, as a police officer, as against a journalist," Davies stated.

Prince Charles May Be His Strong Interrogator

Royal watchers revealed that the heir to the throne is enraged after watching the BBC interview. He will be more furious once he discovers that his efforts going back and forth from New Zealand have been completely overshadowed by Prince Andrew.

"The one thing Charles is determined to do is [to] inherit the crown, and he won't let anyone get in the way," Royal biographer Tom Bower said to DailyMail.

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