Perfume has, over the years, become a holiday staple. Although it always comes out as a thoughtful gift, it is something very tricky because it is personal.

When there are many glittering bottles to choose from, how do you know which one best fits the taste of the woman in your life? 

From brand names to varying scents, how do you pick the best fragrances to gift the special woman in your life? With the many new options hitting the shelves at this time of the year, it can get confusing. Between the modern woman and iconic classic scents, which one fits the Christmans 2019 celebration? 

Here are a few options you could consider:

Happy By Clinique

What makes this the ultimate fragrance for a woman? This Eau de Parfum contains more essential oils than its competitors. It also smells really great that its effect on a woman speaks for its name.

It leaves a woman feeling happy and confident -- just what they need for a wonderful Holiday celebration. Moroever, Happy By Clinique lasts longer with the same intense smell.

Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Mist

This is every woman's secret to a happy holiday celebration. This frosted edition of Victoria's Secret Pur Seduction mist is limited and only out for Christmas 2019.

Grab your bottle today and experience the feeling of being beautifully seductive. It is perfect for that special night with the woman of your dreams. Take on Pure Seduction and put it to a test. 

Balenciaga Paris

This Eau de parfum spray is truly a beautiful gift for a beautiful lady. It is best worn for women on the go.

Whether it is a night out with the corporate people or hanging out with friends, this Balenciaga is perfect for every woman this Christmas season. It smells of pepper, cedar, carnation and violet to name a few.

Moreover, it is a combination of wonderful scents that could make any woman feel confident about herself. 

Disney Aladdin Princess Jasmine Desert Dream Fragrance

Every woman has dreamed of becoming a Disney Princess, and now they have the chance.

Make her feel like royalty with this Princess Jasmine Desert Dream fragrance. It is a combination of strawberry, ruby red grapefruit and violet leaf. It is not too strong or too soft -- perfect for the strong, independent woman that you are with. 

Heaven by Gap

No woman can ever go wrong wearing Gap.

This perfume is perfect for Christmas parties this season. It smells of heaven, something light but good. The scent is not overpowering either, which makes it perfect for women of all ages.

If you want something simple but still smells really good, then heaven by Gap is just right. 

This list has just made Christmas shopping easier. The five biggest fragrances for every special woman is right here. All you need is to make the choice.

Take your pick and make someone's Christmas extra special. 

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