Royal Trouble: Queen Elizabeth II Expected to Face More Problems in 2020

The bumpy days are not yet over for the royal family, most especially for Queen Elizabeth II who leads the state.

From Prince Philip's accident to royal rifts, the Queen surely had enough headaches for this year that rocked the Royal family.

They may always get over it just like how they made it during 1992 Annus Horribilis, but a royal astrologer warned the Queen for the possible waves of new challenges next year.

More Problems Coming Soon?

Despite the statement assuring that the royal family will heal on its own, it surprised the royal watchers when a royal astrologer predicted that the monarchy will still face more difficulties next year.

According to royal astrologer Debbie Frank, Queen Elizabeth II will face more troubles in the next 12 months and may start in late March.

Talking with The Sun on Sunday, Frank made the prediction that "as Saturn's stark influence remains into the New Year," it will surely cause difficult times to Her Majesty. She also noted that the eclipse will send signals that the problems are just around the corner.

"An eclipsed full moon on January 10 - a subtle effect of which may be visible from the earth - looks set to create further family ripples," she stated.

The eclipse will be followed by a closer approach of Saturn to Pluto, which signifies a time for "reality checks."

Moreover, Frank suggested the Queen to launch boundaries and laws to protect the monarchy from anything.

Frank used to read the horoscopes for Diana, Princess of Wales. She did not mention what exactly will happen soon -- whether if it will be about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finally leaving their royal life or more revelations about Prince Andrew -- but royal watchers cannot do anything but hope for the best for the royal family whatever the future holds for them.

Royal Family Will Always Recover From Anything

Despite the warning, a royal expert believes that the royal family will still be able to recover from anything.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams spoke with and acknowledged that the royal family truly had "a very difficult year." But at the same time, he warned everyone not to miscalculate the capacity of the monarchy to heal and "to reinvent itself when necessary."

Fitzwilliams also remembered how Queen Elizabeth II and her family got back on track after what happened in the 1990s.

"Look at the 1990s it managed a brilliant recovery. So you always have to remember when things have not gone well that in a certain period of time things will go well again," the royal expert assured.

The royal expert also proudly pronounced that the monarchy existed for a thousand years to stand tall, and the issues they got stormed with were just a swipe of wind for them.

Moreover, he acknowledged the efforts of the Queen for remaining "truly remarkable" throughout the year and even referred to her as someone "whose dedication to duties is beyond doubt."

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