Jennifer Aniston CAN Make 'Friends' Reunion Happen -- Here's What She Needs to Do!

The highly anticipated reunion of everyone's favorite TV show, "Friends," is currently at its final hurdle. 

For the show to finally go on without flaws and awkwardness, Jennifer Aniston must bury the hatchet with the show's creator, Marta Kauffman. 

According to Radar Online, "it's the elephant in the room that won't go away until they've mended fences."

Both Aniston and Kauffman have reportedly fallen out over the million-dollar per-episode fee which the cast demanded to be paid for the ninth and tenth seasons of the popular TV series.

The showrunner reportedly disputed the fees at that time, which were negotiated in 2002 by the cast collectively rather than individually. 

That meant each "Friends" cast member, including Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, would be all be paid the same or else they would not continue in the famous show. 

In the end, they were all paid what they demanded during the final two seasons. 

In a 2015 interview at the Critics Association Summer Press Tour, Kaufmann told the audience, "A million dollars an episode is kinda ridiculous. Let's be honest, that's a lot of money."

According to Radar's insiders, that fueled long-standing feud between Jennifer and Marta.

The source told the publication, "Jen's known to carry a grudge against Marta for not supporting the cast's profit percentage, which made them all extremely rich."

Cox, a.k.a. Monica in the show, played the negotiator at that time. 

The insider said, "Courteney is playing peacemaker and suggesting they get together over dinner to work this out because if they don't, having Jen and Marta in the same room together will be all awkwardness and no fun."

Friends Reunion

Deadline already reported that the original cast would be reuniting for an unscripted reunion special. However, a deal is far from done.

It has also been reported that each star would be paid between $3-4 million just to appear on the reunion special in HBO Max -- where the past episodes will be available for streaming. 

That could help the service get off to a good start along with the other exclusives that Warner Bros have up their sleeves. 

WarnerMedia believes that reruns of the show will help persuade people to subscribe to the service, which is being offered free to HBO subscribers and $14.99 monthly for those who do not have HBO. 

HBO Max has already paid $425 million for the rights to stream the "Friends" series for five years, kicking it off first in Netflix. 

The special is reported to cost about $20 million. 

Series creators Kauffman and David Crane would also be in tow for the big special. 

Negotations Reach a Standstill

After some early back-and-forth between the cast's reps, Warner Bros and HBO Max last fall, negotiations came to a standstill at the end of 2019. 

According to HBO Max's Chief Creative Officer Kevin Reilly, there is already "interest all around" but they "can't get the interests all alighted to push the button on it."

Negotiations resumed shortly after the camps try to negotiate compensation gaps and deals

The news comes a day after Perry finally got an Instagram account and already has 1.6 million followers despite not having any posts yet. 

Early this week,  Perry posted a cryptic tweet that got fans to turn into a frenzy.

"Big news coming..." Perry wrote. 

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