Everyone knows by now that Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev are about to put their relationship to the next level, as they are expecting their first baby in the next couple of months.

But surprisingly, the couple faced a major plot twist a few months ago when the 36-year-old professional wrestler had a change of heart with a significant decision they are about to embark on.

In the latest episode of "Total Bellas," it was revealed that Nikki and Artem's relationship was shaken up a bit when the soon-to-be-mom changed her mind about inviting Artem to move in with her in her then-constructing Arizona home.

Since Artem was no longer invited to compete again in "Dancing With the Stars," the WWE star decided to ask him to live with her in Arizona since he no longer needs to stay in Los Angeles for work.

The 37-year-old Russian-American dancer happily agreed and was ready to start a new life with Nikki. However, Nikki's family is not really keen on her decision, especially her twin sister Brie Bella.

In the reality show's confessional, Brie revealed that she was just concern with her sister's decision making and thought that her decision to move in with Artem is quite abrupt.

"Right now, this is my sister going from zero to 100 within, like, one week," Brie said.

"I've always wanted my sister to have a place she can call her own. Not that I don't want her to share it with Artem, but I want her to fill it for herself," the concerned twin sister added.

Twin-To-Twin Talk

When Brie visited her twin sister, she opened up about her concerns and told Nikki that she might be forcing her relationship with Artem to level up quickly by inviting him to move in.

Nikki explained that they were not moving too fast and sincerely wants to build a home with a man she loves.

"I'm with this guy all the time, why wouldn't we just live together?" Nikki said.

Bella argued that she does not want Nikki to make a decision based on the status of Artem's career.

In her own confessional, Nikki admitted that her family's opinion is starting to get into her head, making her change her mind with the moving in thing.

Artem's Heartbreaking Reaction

In the same episode of "Total Bellas," Nikki approached her baby's daddy and opened up about her new feelings. Nikki told him that they might be moving fast and have to pause for a while and think about their future instead of "playing house."

Artem's face dropped and looked heartbreakingly disappointed. He tried to play it cool, but during his own confessional, he admitted being hurt with Nikki's change of heart.

Because of what happened, the pregnant Nikki started to get anxious if she just ruined her relationship with Artem. She feared that she might have taken their relationship backward and lost the man of her dreams.

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