Who would have thought the world will be treated to a reunion of the stars in one of their favorite TV shows - before the Netflix era? A virtual Desperate Housewives took place and it was a pleasure to see these ladies on one screen once more. Notably, Felicity Huffman was missing but she certainly was not forgotten by the other housewives.

For a minute, fans are transported back to Wisteria Lane when many of the iconic murder-drama-comedy show "Desperate Housewives" reunited in a virtual manner on "Stars in The House." This is an online mini-show hosted by Sirius XM's Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley everyday. On Sunday however, it was the DH's cast turn to be featured! 

They were not just there to reminisce and make fans happy in the middle of all these chaos though. Instead, they were there to also help raise donations for the Actor's Fund's efforts to combat coronavirus

Some of main stars were able to make it. It was nice to see Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Vanessa Williams, Dana Delaney, and Brenda Strong together (virtually) once more, certainly, but also quite saddening to miss Felicity Huffman. She played a very important and cool role in the whole show after all. Her character's manner of keeping her family together is by far, the most relatable, some would say. 

Teri Hatcher and Nicollete Sheridan were also absent

Of course, her co-stars did not forget them in this reunion. The host James also brought the topic of Felicity, who played housewife Lynette Scavo up himself. Lynette's storyline when she had cancer was...done so well," he started, which prompted the other housewives to become quite emotional.

Whether they were emotional because they were remembering some scenes with Huffman and just got carried away or they wished they could be with Huffman on this virtual reunion is unclear.

It's true though - one can just try to recall how superb Felicity's acting was when her character told her friends that she has cancer and one can start bawling too. 

Cross, who played the character some people just love to hate but cannot, since she's the perfectionist Bree Van De Kamp, was quick to praise their missing co-star. "I just feel like Felicity Huffman is a flipping genius. An unbelievable actress!," she said. She added that she can still remember doing that scene.

Longoria herself said doing scenes with Huffman was just unbelievably so good that she can forget her own lines when watching her co-star deliver. 

Eva, who played Gabrielle Solis, claimed that when Huffman was given the storyline, despite the show being a dramedy, she really sunk her teeth into the role. "She had so many questions...she's the acteur," she explained.  

"I get goosebumps remembering this scene in the hospital during that cancer storyline and - oh my god - I would just be watching her and I would forget my lines because she was so amazing...Felicity and I have such a strong connection...we've all created these lasting friendships," Eva further detailed. One can only imagine, since they really did deliver a nice show. 

Huffman not being on the reunion was kind of expected though, since she did not have an easy time in public lately, given how her 2019 went. She just served 11 days in jail back in October 2019 for her involvement in a college admissions scandal. Unlike another actress involved in the massive scandal, she was quick to admit her guilt and was given a relatively light sentence and penalty. She was guilty for paying the disgraced admissions consultant Rick Singer $15,000 so that her daughter's SAT answers can be changed so she can be admitted to the prestigious school. 

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