Royal Disgrace: Meghan Markle WITHDRAWS Accusations Against British Tabloids

Meghan Markle became an embarrassment to the royal family once again after she withdrew some of the accusations she made against British tabloids.

Meghan has been part of several controversial royal family news since she became part of the monarchy. However, even after she stepped down as a senior royal, the Duchess of Sussex continues to bring disgrace -- this time by pushing her lawyers to withdraw her accusations against Mail on Sunday.

Initially, her legal documents included how the British news company allegedly harassed, humiliated, and manipulated his father, Thomas Markle. The root of Meghan's lawsuit was the publishing of her "private and confidential" letter to her father in August 2018, which she claimed breached her privacy and broke data protection laws.

In the amended version of the case, the court claim is now 357 words less following their first preliminary hearing last April 24Her legal representatives formerly argued that they should include the harrasment and humiliation claim to show that the newspaper operated in "bad faith" and had an "obvious agenda of publishing intrusive or offensive stories" against her.

However, a week after the said hearing, Judge Mark Warby dismissed Meghan's claims and ruled in favor of Mail on Sunday.

"I agree that all three categories of the allegation should be struck out of the Particulars of Claim, and the Further Information about it. I also agree that passages of the Reply should be struck out," Judge Warby said.

The accusations dismissed included Meghan's assertion that the Mail on Sunday acted "dishonestly and in bad faith," as well as the allegations that they deliberately stirred up conflict between Meghan and her father and had an agenda of publishing intrusive or libelous stories.

In addition, the judge did not find the aforementioned allegations as a misuse of private information, copyright infringement, and breach of the Data Protection Act like how Markle's claimed it to be.

Instead, Judge Warby called them irrelevant in ruling whether or not the U.K.-based publisher was guilty of the things that Meghan claimed.

The Mail on Sunday, meanwhile, has consistently debunked all the allegations about how they reportedly misused the letter and did not give the "full" content in order to mislead the readers and paint the Duchess of Sussex in a bad light.

What The New Version Shows

As advised by Judge Warby, Markle's team deleted the paragraphs to fit in the court's requirements.

Aside from what the judge told them to retract, Meghan's lawyers also omitted a claim that the Mail on Sunday had "already published articles containing false or misleading information" about Frogmore Cottage and its funding.

"They intended to portray the Claimant in a damaging light by suggesting that she had indulged in this series of absurdly lavish renovations, which were, in fact, false (as the Defendant was informed at the time) and entirely made up," Markle's lawyers previously stated.

The full trial's date has not been set yet, and more delays are expected to occur due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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