Ellen DeGeneres Downfall: TV Show Might Be Cancelled If THIS Continues!

Before the pandemic, it seemed as if her show would continue to thrive, and she'll be loved by all. But this changed in a span of few months.

The ratings of her talk show is at all-time low for the newest season. Numbers provided by the TVNewsCheck, revealed that the show's ratings fell 13% to a new season 17 low. The rating is now just at 1.2. 

This means that the talk show is now performing worse than the other shows that were popular but not as popular as "The Ellen DeGeneres' Show" in the past. The 1.2 rating puts the show behind "Live with Kelly and Ryan," which had rated at 2.0. "Dr. Phil" also performs better with a 1.5 rating. 

Just a few weeks ago, when it tied with Dr. Phil at 1.5, there were already raised eyebrows and murmuring lips about the show's ability to stay successful. It has obviously continued to slide.

According to Sun, this might be the result of the allegations that the comedian is not truly as nice as she is on television. Instead, she is mean to her staff, her colleagues, and even to guests!

One of the complainants who provided receipt to the talk show's host's questionable behavior is the YouTuber NikkieTutorials, who is a transgender. If people expect Ellen to be particularly nicer to this guest because she belongs to the LGBTQ community, the opposite allegedly happened. 

According to Us Weekly, Nikkie claimed that she was probably naive, but she truly "expected them to welcome me with confetti: 'Welcome to The Ellen DeGeneres Show!'" She added, that instead of the warm welcome she expected, she was "greeted by an angry intern, who was a bit overworked. I expected a Disney show, but I got a Teletubbies after dark."

She even suggested that she was particularly singled out by Ellen. All her guests had a private toilet but this YouTuber did not.  While all these can be chucked to the show's staff, the YouTuber claimed that Ellen DeGeneres herself disappointed her. The comedian, who was always so cheerful and positive on television was reportedly "distant and cold" towards NIkkie. 

Since then, more have come forward on Ellen DeGeneres' true colors. 

Does this mean "The Ellen DeGeneres' Show" be cancelled? Is the coronavirus be the bane to her years of success and popularity? Would the rumors about her mean attitude towards her staff ever let up? 

Can she save herself from all these as she saved herself in the past? These are just some of the questions raised these days given the observed turn in Ellen DeGeneres' luck. 

but months of lockdown and rumors about her that suddenly came up can actually lead to the cancellation of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

At first, one cannot fathom how this character assassination taking place would affect the show. After all, the comedian is trying to provide entertainment continually in the middle of the pandemic and this must be plus points for her. However, ratings would prove otherwise. 

There are many factors linked to a decline in a show's viewership,  but this trend is happening at a time when the host is no longer being praised, but bashed. It is not implausible for the two to be connected.  

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