Prince William and Kate Middleton's relationship has been a breath of fresh air for the foyal family and fans. After witnessing a messy marriage from Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the public got this sense of hope that William and Kate will have a happily ever after. 

While the couple has been happily married with three kids for nine years now, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also had their relationship struggles.

Prince Charles and Diana's marriage reached rock bottom when their cheating scandals were highly publicized. But it looks like the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, as Charles's eldest son and the second heir to the British throne also got involved in past "entanglements" that broke Kate Middleton's heart. 

Let us look back the Prince William cheating rumors that almost broke the Will and Kate everlasting love. 

Anna Sloan

During his bachelor years (although he was already in a relationship with Kate), Prince William met American heiress Anna Sloan. This woman was said to be the culprit of one of Will and Kate's split during their college years. 

According to reports, Prince William and Sloan got comfortable with each other as they share a common denominator of losing a parent. Their friendship got a little sneaky when the prince joined Sloan on a trip to Tennesse with a few friends. 

Although sources said that Sloan was not romantically interested in Queen Elizabeth II's grandson, royal biographer Katie Nicholl revealed that Kate was deeply hurt when William went on a vacation with another woman.

Tess Shepherd

After briefly separating in 2007, Prince William and Kate's relationship was tested when they were somehow put in a semi long-distance relationship during the future king's military training. 

One night, William and his pals reportedly decided to go for a drink in a London club called Bouji. That same night, William was supposed to be with Kate and her family for a vacation, but the Duke went back to London to go clubbing with friends. 

Things escalated quickly when a woman named Tess Shepherd arrived and ended up drinking and dancing the night away with the William. Katie Nicholl reported that William and Tess were very close to each other that night, which somehow causes yet another stir in his relationship with Kate.

This may be one of the biggest Prince William cheating allegations out there, but the Duke of Cambridge had more.

Rose Hanbury

In early 2019, the 37-year-old Duke was accused of infidelity after news broke that he was having an affair with Rose Hanbury, who is also Kate's friend. It all started when rumors circulated that William had dinner with Rose while Kate was away. 

The Prince William cheating rumors further blew up after reports claimed that Kate and Rose had a terrible falling out. British TV presenter Giles Coren added fuel to the fire after claiming that he has been aware of the alleged affair. 

"Yes. It is an affair. I haven't read the piece, but I know about the affair. Everyone knows about the affair, darling," Giles wrote on Twitter at that time.

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