Celebrities make headlines for whatever reasons. Whether they tip big or only paid for their meals with an autograph, many people wants to know how these celebrities, behind-the-scenes, interact with waiters and waitresses. 

Who's the biggest tipper? Who's the most diva? Who's the nicest? 

In this Enstarz exclusive, we have gathered a list of celebrities who are kind to their servers and rude to their servers. 

Gordon Ramsey
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Kind: Gordon Ramsay

The British celebrity chef may seem like the devil on his reality show, but when he's dining in a restaurant, one waiter said that he was "the most polite customer I've ever had."

At the end of the night, he asked to speak to the head chef and then shook his hand in appreciation. 

The waiter added how Ramsay tipped them $126 that night. 

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Rude: Usher

Usher reportedly has a "no tip policy," however, he left his autograph instead of paying for his meals. 

Quentin Tarantino
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Kind: Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is always in cafes and restaurants alone and always seems busy writing in a notebook. 

A fan who wanted to speak to him didn't disturb QT, so he let him be. But when he stood up to go to the restroom and came back to his table, Tarantino reportedly grabbed him and asked, "Do you know who the f*** I am?" 

The fan said, "Of course I do." Tarantino then asked him why he didn't say hi to him, and the fan replied, "Well, you looked busy."

To which the director said, "I'm never busy to talk to my fans!"

Anne Hathaway
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Rude: Anne Hathaway

Though she's a good actress, she has a lot of demands for her food. 

While filming for a commercial, the star said to have sent her breakfast four times because she was not satisfied with it. 

Morgan Freeman
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Kind: Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman walked into a restaurant with John Goodman and Steve Carell. When Goodman pulls out his cigar, a waitress was ready to light him up. 

Once done, Freeman reached into his pocket and gave her $100. 

Mariah Carey
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Rude: Mariah Carey

One of the most notorious divas is on the rude list, and nobody is surprised. 

Mariah Carey reportedly brought a big group with her to a Las Vegas restaurant and demanded that the restaurant stay open until they left. 

After hours of serving her and her posse, not one person has left a tip. 

Tom Hiddleston
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Kind: Tom Hiddleston 

The former Mr. Taylor Swift was chatty to the waiters and the waiters in the event he attended. 

According to people, he was "incredibly lovely, polite, and too good to be true." 

Kendall Jenner
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Rude: Kendall Jenner

The highest-paid supermodel is said to be cocky at restaurants. 

One time, at an NYC restaurant, she reportedly left the place without paying for her bill. Her waitress has said to have chased her down the road so she could pay, and though she did pay, she reportedly threw a few $20 bills in the server's face as she walked away laughing with her companion. 

Gigi, Bella Hadid
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Kind: Gigi and Bella Hadid

The two are said to polite and friendly to staff, which is incredibly rare for celebrities. 

Lea Michele
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Rude: Lea Michele

The actress who has recently made headlines for being mean and a cold-hearted diva.

One time, a waiter tried to explain the ingredients for a dish because she asked, so Lea laughed at him and harassed the server. 

She reportedly didn't know what the server was talking about and complained to the restaurant's manager. 

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Kind: Beyoncé

Beyoncé gives excellent tips but also makes sure to look her servers in the eye and always give them her smile. 

She also isn't shy in saying thank you to those who serve her. 

Kylie Jenner
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Rude: Kylie Jenner

For a $500 dinner bill, the former billionaire was said to have only tipped $20. 

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Kind: Rihanna

According to reports, Rihanna is competitive. 

When she was at an LA Comedy Club, she asked the waiter what was the largest tip he has ever received, to which he responded with $100. 

Rihanna then gave him $200 and said, "Now I'm your biggest tip!"

Tyra Banks
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Rude: Tyra Banks

Tyra had reportedly thrown a fit when a waitress didn't verbally recognize her and caused quite a scene. 

It happened only because the waitress thought she didn't want to be recognized as a celebrity and wanted to dine without any fuss. 

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