‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Toxic Claims Confirmed By Fired Ex-Producer

In a span of a few months, Ellen DeGeneres goes from being the most loved television personality, to being the most hated - or most attacked, these days. While the talk show host already addressed issues of toxicity on her show, new revelations on just how bad it was keep coming up! 

This time, a former producer who worked on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Hedda Muskat revealed more information on how toxic the workplace was. Given who she is and what she did for the show, there is no doubt in people's minds that what she is presently sharing would have an ounce of truth - an ugly truth. 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Toxic - Producer Almost Used

Before she joined Ellen in 2003, Muskat was already a known veteran writer. Included in her portfolio are shows such as "The Howie Mandel Show," and "The Martin Short Show." 

When she joined the comedian's talk show at the time, the program was still in the midst of development and suffice to say, it was not as good and as popular as itis today.

However, while she contributed so much to the show's success, she just witnessed one day how she's being sidelined in favor of a younger male producer. Her responsibities were eventually shifted away too. 

Naturally, that did not feel right for her. She eventually found out what the deal was when she was called to the office and then told they want her sources. She refused and things went downhill for her from then on. 

"One day I get called into the office. [Producer] Ed [Glavin] says to me, 'You know, Hedda, we're really loving your segments. I don't know how you do it. We're going to need all your sources.' I've worked 18 years to build those sources. Those sources are why you hired me," she recalled

Because she refused, Muskat claims she could feel how everyone in the show started to turn against her. 

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" has a Culture of Fear

The ex-producer also shared how Glavin yelled at a crew member in the midst of other employees. Glavin's outburst cannot be undermined or set aside. It was at such a level that Muskat calls him a "dog." 

He just went off on them. His whole face turned red...We were stunned. You could just see everybody's faces go stiff. We're professionals; we're adults. We don't need a dog to get us to do our jobs," she wrote.

Muskat added that before she left the show, the general environment in the workspace has already developed a culture of fear. Muskat was fired in May 2004, just a few days before "the Ellen DeGeneres Show" bagged the Outstanding Talk Show at the Daytime Emmy Award.

Ellen DeGeners Mean and Racist? Celebritiies Speak Up

Meanwhile, some celebrities have already lent Ellen DeGeneres  their support. They revealed what they think about her and why she is someone who would not have deliberately perpetuated a toxic workplace if everything was up to her. 

Katy Perry for one, said that she cannot certainly speak for anyone else's experiences apart from her own, but she wants to ascertain to the public that the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" toxic news are not all true. 

She only ever had positive takeaways from her time on the show. Perry also tweeted what she thought of "Ellen DeGeneres mean and racist" rumors. She said the world has witnessed that the host used her show as a platform to push for equality for decades. 

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