The long wait is over as Netflix USA unveils fourth season of "The Seven Deadly Sins."

This August 6, "The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4" officially joins the streaming platform's growing anime catalog.

For what it's worth, TV Tokyo and BS TV Tokyo first broadcasted the Season 4 titled "Anger of the Gods" or "Wrath of the Gods." The said season revolves around the reunion of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Its original actors and actresses reunite for the fourth season to defeat the remaining demon threats. The whole cast members include Sora Amamiya (Elizabeth), Akira Ishida (Ludociel), Aoi Yūki (Diane), Ayahi Takagaki (Derieri), Daisuke Ono (Drole), Emiri Katō (Deldry), Hiroki Touchi (Estarossa), Jouji Nakata (Cusack), and Jun Fukuyama (King).

"The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4" Official Synopsis

The official synopsis of the "The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4" said that the story follows the main characters after they "saved the kingdom of Liones from the invading demons."

Nonetheless, with Camelot "still under the occupation of the Ten Commandments" and the Sins still scattered, they must reunite to fight off their biggest enemies. The new season also tackles King and Diane as they "start to learn the truth about the previous war, 3,000 years ago."

With that said, here's everything you should expect before watching the series on Netflix USA.

"The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4" Is a Rollercoaster Ride!

To recap, the whole series is about Elizabeth, a young princess who belongs to the Kingdom of Liones. She is trying to find the seven deadly sins -- the division of erstwhile Holy Knights.

The group broke apart when the kingdom fell. They have not been in harmony for almost 10 years, but since Elizabeth wants to reunite the group, she asks for Hawk and Meliodas' assistance to fulfill her mission as the kingdom's princess and rescue it back from the Holy Knights' crutches.

After the threat of the Demon Clan occurred in Season 3, the Seven Deadly Sins -- who are spread across the kingdom - will make their way to band together again to eliminate the present threat of the Commandments in Season 4.

Meanwhile, from where the show left off in Season 3, Zeldris and the other commandments have successfully taken over Camelot. This has forced King Arthur to go into hiding.

In addition, as seen in the new trailer, the newly resurrected and more powerful Meliodas murdered Fraudrin.

Meliodas and Elizabeth's relationship will also be taken into the next level, as the former take a fiercer role to protect her. This will make viewers think whether he will take more risks in order to protect Elizabeth. If that continues, Meliodas could succumb to his demon form.

Apart from its storyline, fans should also look forward to the animation of "The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4." Although it has been improved, the aesthetics and art style still remain the same as that of the manga to perfectly give life to the anime.

With these exciting events to look forward to, Netflix USA's trending list will surely be conquered easily by "The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4."

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