The heist will come to an end soon in Netflix's "Money Heist" Season 5.

The Professor's final action plan is bringing "Money Heist" to its fifth and last season.

On July 31, Netflix's official Twitter account announced the upcoming season of the platform's international juggernaut.

The news came days after its creator, Alex Pina, shared a photo of him on his laptop while wearing a shirt with Tokyo's name. He also captioned the post with "writing La Casa de Papel 5" in Spanish.

Since then, the viewers can't help but go wild over the release of "Money Heist Season 5."

Although the release date of the season hasn't been announced yet, Entertainment Weekly revealed that the production began on August 3 in Denmark before its scheduled filming in Spain and Portugal.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans should not expect the final season to be completed by mid-2021. However, it is possible to be released in the latter half of that year.

"Money Heist" is indeed one of Netflix's most impressive success stories. Now that it is coming into an end, everyone can expect a more thrilling season ahead.

Money Heist Season 5 Plot

Let's face it: knowing that "Money Heist" Season 5 will be the last season is truly heart-wrenching. However, its creator made sure that its ending will be an unforgettable one for fans.

After Season 4 left a lot of cliffhangers, questions started to arise. Will the plot drop a major twist that will take The Professor's life? Or will something happen the other way to get Alicia on The Professor's side?

Neither Pina nor Netflix has disclosed information about "Money Heist" Season 5. Still, it is worth noting that Nairobi (Alba Flores) died in Part 4 after an agent working for the Spanish government murdered her.

In the final moments of the recent season, former Detective Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) became an enemy of the organization she once helped. She also tracked down The Professor and put a gun to his head.

With all those scenes repeatedly playing inside the minds of "Money Heist" die-hard fans, it's no wonder why fans are excited for the finale.

"We are moving from a chess game - a mere intellectual strategy - to a war strategy: attack and contention," the series creator told EW.

Money Heist Season 5 Cast

Aside from new and more stirring scenes, The Professor and his team will also meet new characters in the final season.

Actors Miguel Ángel Silvestre (known for playing Sense8's Lito) and Patrick Criado are joining the cast. As for how they fit into the story, Pina refused to reveal any details. However, he teased how the two actors will affect the final season.

"We always try that our opponents be charismatic, intelligent, shiny," he explained to EW. "In this case, in pure war film genre, we also look for characters whose intelligence can measure up against The Professor's."

"Money Heist" fans can now brace themselves and prepare to see another rally by The Professor's team for the last time.

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