Expectation is high as rumors of the iPhone 5S and the low-cost iPhone release date continue to grow.

While many thought Apple would premiere the iPhone 5S during the World Wide Developers Conference in June, the device has yet to materialize. However, analyst Peter Misek believes that production for the upcoming phone will begin soon.

Misek states that, according to his research into inventory, the iPhone 5S will go into production in late July. Meanwhile, Misek claims a small amount of low-cost iPhones (often referred to as the iPhone 6) were put into production last month, according to CNET.

Based on these predictions, Misek states that the new phones would hit the market in late September or early October, according to PC Mag.

When Apple released 'S' versions of their phones in the past, the shell was the same as the previous installment. However, the phones boasted newer features, and Tech Radar expects that to be the case for the upcoming 5S.

Apple's newest mobile-operating system, iOS 7, is expected to be in both phones, according to InfoWorld. According to TechRadar, coming with the new system are the possibilities of multiple screen sizes and game-controller support.

The predicted release dates for the iPhone 5 seem to coincide with those for the iPad 5.