Ellen DeGeneres can hide from her and her show's controversies, but not from her Emmy award-winning show's ratings.

USA Today reported that "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" premiere week's rating plummeted 38% from last year.

The show averaged 1.66 million viewers in the first week of this season's show. It is down from the 2.67 million she received in 2019's September premiere.

While many talk show ratings dropped and had overall declines, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" has had the most significant drop of all.

Among rivals, "The Kelly Clarkson Show" dropped 19% from last year, "Dr. Phil" 18%, "Wendy Williams" 24%, and "Dr. Oz" 17%, according to USA Today.

According to OK magazine, even though the 62-year-old host addressing the toxic workplace claims on September 18, 2020 earned her highest ratings in years. However, things have spiraled downhill since then.

Perhaps one thing that could help with the ratings is a possible reunion with her ex-girlfriend, Anne Heche, who was recently booted off "Dancing With the Stars."

Talking about the idea of her coming in as a guest on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Anne replied, "Come bring it. It would be interesting to see us come face to face. What would it be like for her is the more interesting question," she joked.

"It would probably be... exciting. I think she's a magnificent woman."

The former couple could talk about their lives and reminisce about their past. Surely fans would like to know how Ellen DeGeneres was all those years ago, before she was consumed with the money and spotlight.

Ellen and Anne could discuss how they helped many people come out and shine a light on how there's more equality today than before. 

Perhaps Anne could also teach Ellen some dancing moves, not that she needs it. 

After the controversial eliminations on Monday night, Anne told Entertainment Tonight that what happened undoubtedly "did not feel great," mainly after she delivered a powerful performance to Katy Perry's "Rise."

She talked about her romance with Ellen DeGeneres and the scrutiny she faced in those early years when LGBTQ+ was taboo, which was the message in her performance.

"It triggered something in me. It took me 20 years to tell my story and to articulate it the way 'Dancing With the Stars' allowed me to."

"So to be voted off the same night I told that story, I had a similar feeling to what it was that I experienced years ago."

Anne explained that she felt terrible her story wasn't received the way she intended it to be.

"But when we tell our stories, we share our respect for one another. I hope that by sharing it, we encourage others to do the same."

The DWTS alum told ET that Ellen DeGeneres probably doesn't have any idea that she's talking about their romance on the show.

She revealed that they haven't spoken in years, but would open to reuniting with the "Finding Dory" star someday if there was a chance.

She explained that their differences are what led them to separate.

"Her intent and my intent were different, and that's why we separated."

Anne Heche said she's happy to be part of a revolution that helped equality move forward, something she wouldn't have been able to do if she didn't fall in love with the comedienne.

Now that her DWTS days are over, Anne reportedly wants to continue taking lessons with her dance partner and share more behind-the-scenes moments from their rehearsals on their respective social media pages.

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