"Batwoman" is one of The CW's first Arrowverse shows to resume production after COVID-19 measures shut down most part of the entertainment world. It's nice to know that the cast is as hyped as the fans over the series' return.

Javicia Leslie, in particular, could not be any more excited about being part of the show--and doing the superhero stunts. 

After Ruby Rose left her Kate Kane character, Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder is tasked to become Gotham City's new Batwoman. It follows that Leslie will have a lot of stunts to shoot and carry out. "Batwoman" is no ordinary superhero, after all. 

While most will be daunted, Leslie is more excited and grateful for the chance to do the stunts. Her excitement and happiness about being able to do some were palpable in her latest IG post.

Earlier this week, she posted a video on Instagram that reveals her being strapped into a wire harness as Batwoman retreats to the rooftops of Gotham. 

Mary (played by Nicole Kang) also appeared with Ryan in the said scene. After going up in one smooth motion, Leslie shouted "F**k Yeah!" while hanging on top--obviously exhilarated. The crew can be heard laughing after hearing her so happy with the stunt. 


On her post, Leslie took the opportunity to thank her stunt team and remind everyone to keep following their dreams. Hers has already came true.

"Batwoman" Season 2 New Cast Members

Leslie isn't the only new addition to the cast this season. 

Shivani Ghai, Leah Gibson, Nathan Owens and Alex Morf are also new "Batwoman" members. Ghai is playing Safiyah, while Gibson is playing Safiyah's personal assassin, The Whisper. 

On the other hand, Owens is set to play a zen gardner named Ocean. Morf will become the serial killer Victor Zsasz for the show.

Leslie's attitude on the wire harness is actually not surprising. It was clear from the start that she was raring to do "Batwoman" for its second season because it feels fun for her. 

"I'm very active in my personal life," she shared to The Hollywood Reporter,  "so being able to allow that to be my work, that's heaven for me. I do Muay Thai. I do fitness training. I run. Anything that's active I'm always down for, so this is going to be like playing on the playground every day." 

She is also optimistic that the series will run for  a long time to come, with her as the main, titular character indefinitely. 

"There's not many actors that get this opportunity to play in a world that you can continue to develop and expand on for a decade," Leslie surmises. "This is a great beginning to what I'm sure will be a very long journey."

This is probably why Ruby Rose gives all her support upon finding out Leslie is taking on the superhero character she vacated. 

"OMG!! This is amazing!! I am so glad Batwoman will be played by an amazing Black woman," she said (per Forbes) before adding Leslie will be cared for by the show's amazing crew.

Barely a week ago, a teaser for "Blackwoman" dropped, showing Leslie putting on her batsuit. 


"Batwoman" Season 2 will premiere on January 17, 2021, Sunday. 

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