'Superman & Lois' Gets Epic New Poster -- Interesting New Tag Line Revealed!

Tyler Hoechlin is set to star in "Superman & Lois"

The Supergirl spinoff "Superman & Lois" will soon unveil more interesting events in the Kent family.

Weeks before the arrival of the most-awaited installment, IGN exclusively shared the newest "Superman & Lois" poster from The CW.

The epic teaser art showed the main stars of the series, particularly Tyler Hoechlin's Superman and Elizabeth Tulloch's Lois Lane.

Meanwhile, their two sons--Jonathan Kent (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan Kent (Alexander Garfin)--also receive the spotlight on the new material.

At first glance, it could make the viewers think that the upcoming spinoff would center around the story of the Kent family. Sure enough, the new tagline on the poster proved that "Superman & Lois" would truly be about them.

"Saving the world starts at home," the text on the poster stated.

The previous "Superman & Lois" trailer also showed a scene of how the working parents decided to go back to Smallville to handle the Kent family business.

The relocation comes after they faced supervillains and monsters in Metropolis.

"Superman & Lois" Will Tell More Secrets About Kent Family

The poster, trailers, and synopsis already revealed that the family, especially Superman's sons, will play vital roles in the series.

In one of the teasers posted on the official Youtube Channel of TV Promos, it can be seen that Clark finally introduced himself to his children as the Man of Steel.

At the 00:46 mark, the father of two flew in the air, confirming his identity to Jonathan and Jordan.

It has also been noted that the parents deal with the pressures and stresses as they try to raise their two sons, who reportedly have incredibly different personalities.

This eventually caused them to think carefully and decide whether they would allow them to inherit Superman's Kryptonian superpowers.

"Superman & Lois" Cast

Despite the existence of family drama, it should be a warning that there might be several villains who will try to ruin Clark and his family.

The official synopsis on the YouTube trailer noted that the couple is reacquainted with Lana Lang (Emmanuelle Chriqui), who happens to be Clark's first love.

Clark and Lois are also set to face a new villain, played by Wole Parks. His identity as The Stranger will be finally unveiled in the upcoming series.

Apart from these stars, Dylan Walsh (Samuel Lane), Erik Valdez (Kyle Cushing), Inde Navarrette (Sarah Cushing), and Adam Rayner (Morgan Edge) will also feature in the series.

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