You probably know their names and have seen their films and TV shows, but it's easy to forget that some of Hollywood's legendary pioneers are still alive today. Some of them have been around since the beginning of Old Hollywood's golden age, so they've seen it all. Many have contributed to the advancement of actor equality and paved the way for today's stars, making it easier for potential actors to make their mark in Hollywood. They influenced how we view television and film, and their iconic roles are remembered by people of all generations.

The television industry put an end to the Golden Age, but these actors managed to stay afloat by adapting and accepting television roles. While some actors on this list are older than the ones on this list, they have either been retired for decades or had short-lived careers. We decided to highlight the nine oldest actors who are still active (as of this writing) or were active during the last decade for this list.

The information on this list courtesy of IMDb is as reliable as possible as of April 2021, and it will be updated as needed.