R. Kelly's lawyers are demanding that the rapper be released from jail because of the inhumane conditions he is being kept in as he prepares for his upcoming trial.

The "Ignition" hitmaker is hoping to get out of jail to properly plan for his trial scheduled to begin on Aug. 9, with his lawyers claiming the brutal conditions of the facility, combined with the R&B singer's literacy issues, are making it almost impossible for him to mount a defense.

On July 1, Robert Sylvester Kelly's lawyers filed an emergency motion for a temporary release.

Even though prosecutors have turned over discovery material to the singer, it has been reported that he cannot read them.

Atty. Thomas A. Farinella said, "The lack of meaningful communications with Mr. Kelly while he is in prison and Mr. Kelly's inability to assist in his defense, the only assurance that Mr. Kelly will be prepared for his trial in August is if he is granted immediate pre-trial release."

R. Kelly Has No Privacy in Jail

The singer's legal counsel also said that R. Kelly has little to no privacy inside the Metropolitan Detention Center's Special Housing Unit (SHU), according to AllHipHop. They even argued that the only time he could call them is when he is in the shower.

Farinella claimed, "There is little preparation that can be done when Mr. Kelly calls counsel from a shower and has to talk through a slit in the door."

"These barbaric conditions fundamentally prevent Mr. Kelly from being able to assist his counsel in own his defense."

Additionally, every time R. Kelly speaks, what he says is being heard throughout the SHU because of the acoustics and the echo reverberating throughout the SHU's prison walls.

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What R. Kelly's Lawyers Proposed to The Court

In documents obtained by AllHipHop, R. Kelly's lawyers proposed to execute a bond "co-signed by a Financially Responsible Person."

They also ask that the "I Believe I Can Fly" hitmaker be placed under 24-hour home confinement enforced by location monitoring technology determined by Pre-Trial Services.

"Mr. Kelly would only leave the residence for necessary medical services."

The rest of his leave from his home would be submitted for the court's approval.

Additionally, they also proposed that the disgraced musician "would not be released from jail until all conditions are met, including the availability of location monitoring equipment."

When Pre-Trial Services schedule home visits, R. Kelly "will comply with requests to remove all co-habitants of the residence prior to the visit."

R. Kelly and his legal team have already appealed for his temporary release, but all of those attempts were denied.

A judge ruled that the singer was too dangerous to be released because he was harassing a couple of witnesses.  

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