Lady Gaga isn't just an award-winning pop star, actress, and fashion icon; she's also a taekwondo athlete playing at this year's Tokyo Olympics. Well, not exactly. Mother Monster's doppelganger became the center of attention on Twitter recently.

Gaga's fans, dubbed as Little Monsters, started posting photos of an athlete competing at the biggest sports event; they claim that the woman has a striking resemblance with the "Sine From Above" hitmaker.

The big question is: who is the female athlete? Internet users began investigating to find the woman in the picture, and they never failed to find her.

The Olympian is Julyana Al-Sadeq, a taekwondo player representing the country of Jordan.

Before the Olympics, Al-Sadeq previously made history for being the first female taekwondo fighter to bring home a gold medal from a World Grand Prix event. She's also a gold medalist at the 2018 Asian Games.

Unfortunately, Al-Sadeq failed to snatch the gold medal at the 67kg Taekwondo category this year after losing to Brazil's Milena Bra Titoleni.

Fans React

Following the lookalike photos circulated online, fans can't help but poke fun at the situation.

"Lady Gaga in the Olympics we're so proud of you!! you made it," one fan wrote.

"lady gaga really said 'switching them positions for you, cooking in the kitchen and i'm in the bedroom, i'm in the Olympics way i'm jumping through hoops' i'm crying," another fan wrote, referencing Ariana Grande's song.

"Why is Lady Gaga at the Olympics" one tweeted.

Not The First Time Lady Gaga Had a Doppelganger

Twitter users had already shared several Lady Gaga lookalikes in the past.

Late last year, a Brazil-based dentist accidentally went viral around social media for having the same eye features as the queen of pop.

It all started when a YouTube content creator named Jaya Dutra documented his dentist appointment to fix his braces. Following the video uploaded on the platform, fans quickly noticed that the doctor looks like Lady Gaga, even if she's wearing a face mask.

Besides the dentist, many other random women like a nurse, driver, firefighter, and TV presenter were also linked to the "Rain On Me" hitmaker for being her lookalike.

At the time of this writing, Lady Gaga has not reacted to any of her counterparts.