Miles Teller suffered from massive backlash after testing positive for COVID-19 following his refusal to get the vaccine.

In a new bombshell report by Daily Mail, it has been revealed that Teller contracted the virus and confirmed his diagnosis while on the set of "The Goffather" spin-off, "The Offer."

The result caused the series to shut down its production and whole set, affecting the original schedule of the series.

After the news emerged, fans of the series started launching petitions to remove and replace him on the Paramount+ drama series.

One Twitter user said, "Replace Miles Teller. Don't let the rest of the cast and crew be without work because of an asshole who doesn't think about everyone else."

"I read that Miles Teller was hired on that Godfather thing to replace ARMIE HAMMER, omg . I'm just imagining the producers like, well that big POS is out, whose the second biggest POS we can find??" another added.


Most people named Timothee Chalamet, Zac Effron, Zach Callison, Dave Franco, Austin Abrams, and William Jackson Harper the perfect replacement for Teller. Others also suggested Tig Notaro be part of the series instead.

Should They Replace Miles Teller?

While most fans opted for Teller's immediate removal, some individuals suggested otherwise.

Natalie Walker said that the recent incident still does not convince her to approve people's wish to replace Teller. Some also shared the same sentiment and reasoned that testing positive should not be a valid reason to oust him.

Regardless of his future in the series, many fans noted that he came into the spotlight as a replacement to Armie Hammer - who also became controversial due to sexual assault accusations.

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At the time of the hiring, Teller became a victim of assault in a restroom of a restaurant in Hawaii. The man reportedly claimed that the actor owed him money.

Amid the claims about the cancelation of the set, Variety's Editor-At-Large Kate Aurthur revealed that "The Offer" was not halted at all. Still, as of the writing, no available update has been released for fans yet.

With that continuous filming schedule, it remains unknown whether people's appeals to remove Teller from the series remains unclear.

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