"Squid Game" star Lee Jung Jae revealed what he would do on the series' prize money if it is real.

In his recent online interview, Jung Jae disclosed more details about the hit Korean series - its set and the whopping prize money.

"Squid Game" revolves around the story of a mysterious survival game that invited 456 people who want to win the 45.6 billion Korean won ($38.4 million) reward after completing the stages. Little did they know, they also put their lives on the line upon joining the game.

When Star News (via Soompi) asked the actor what he would do with the whopping amount of money, Jung Jae offered a different answer compared to what his character did.

"If Ki Hoon got 45.6 billion won, he might make a different decision, but if Lee Jung Jae were to suddenly get 45.6 billion won, he would definitely donate it," he said.

Jung Jae famously played the role of Sung Ki Hoon in the series. The character finds himself in the middle of a challenging situation after losing his money due to gambling and unemployment.

"Squid Game" Popularity Continues to Rise

Elsewhere in the interview, Jung Jae touched on the overwhelming support he and the whole cast members received.

According to the Korean actor, he does not really use social media. However, he greatly feels the series' popularity after seeing people upload photos related to the series.

Even the cast members reportedly asked him if they could upload their photos online.

"From my colleagues to even acquaintances, I've been getting a lot of calls and texts these days. I've been getting lots of congratulatory messages, so I'm thankful," he said. "I can't look often as I'm currently filming a project, but I look on social media and laugh whenever I get a break."

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Although there have been similar series on different platforms before "Squid Game" came, Jung Jae revealed that one thing that made the whole series unique.

Per the lead star, the Korean content and the series' unique concept pulled it to the spotlight. He also applauded the staff and characters' harmony whenever they were on set, offering a commendable scenario to the viewers.

As of the writing, "Squid Game" poses to dethrone several of Netflix's hit series - including the current number 1, "Bridgerton."

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