Brian Laundrie's sister tried to control and lessen the media coverage outside their home. However, she ended up stirring people's minds even more.

As the authorities continue to search for the missing Laundrie, his family remains silent and refuses to give comments that could play a huge role in the case.

But after weeks of keeping themselves away from the spotlight, Laundrie's sister came forward to give an interview. Unfortunately, people only found more holes in her statement.

In an exclusive coverage by NewsNation Now, Cassie Laundrie broke her silence after the protesters reportedly transferred in front of her house after several nights of staying outside the parents' home.

According to Brian Entin, Cassie and her husband came to their front lawn and began giving statements about his brother Brian. Though they knew they were being recorded, the couple started talking to the protesters and tried answering people's questions.

 What Cassie Laundrie Said About Brian Laundrie

For nearly 20 minutes, Cassie reportedly stayed outside to address the matter.

Cassie initially confirmed that she and her family had a camping trip to Fort De Soto on September 6. They reportedly got to the place at around 2:00 p.m. with her parents, children, and Brian before leaving around 8:00 p.m.

Despite Gabby Petito already missing that day, the family reportedly had s'mores and dinner. She also revealed in the same clip that she does not know whether her parents are involved in Petito's death or Laundrie's disappearance.

With that statement alone, people began to question her words as more suspicion continued to rise.

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One internet user said, "She didn't answer the question when she was asked why Brian came by on the first. She deflected. I believe she knows more than she's admitting. I don't think it's malicious with her but she's not telling everything she knows."

"I want to know if it ever occurred to Cassie to ask where Gabby was when she was having S'mores at Fort Desoto?" another added.

Instead of answering whether she spoke about Petito at the campgrounds, Cassie said something else to seemingly change the topic.

In other parts of the interview, Laundrie's sister insisted she does not know if Laundrie killed Petito. She also did not defend or suggest his brother could not do something horrible like that.

As Cassie Laundrie gave her first words to the public herself, people suggested to keep on pressuring her since she is the weakest link in the family. By doing so, they will probably get critical information about Laundrie's whereabouts.

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