The modern-day entertainment community is nothing if not consistent when it comes to rebooting old favorites or spinning off popular franchises. With that said, Netflix has announced plans to bring back the popular FOX series That '70s Show with That '90s Show.

Here's what we know so far. The series will take place in 1995 with Erik and Donna's daughter Liea spending the summer with her grandparents in Wisconsin and getting into the usual silly teen adventures over the ten-episode run. Returning as the giggly patriarch of the Forman family is Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty and the delightfully dour Red played to curmudgeonly perfection by Kurtwood Smith.

Not a bad premise, given two of the best characters from the original are coming back as the through line for a new young cast who have yet to be announced. Guided by the creatives who brought us That '70s Show back in 1998, Bonnie and Terry Turner, the husband-and-wife team will be joined by their daughter Lindsey Turner to help write as well as executive produce.

If this seems like oddly familiar territory, you're not wrong. Lest we forget (because most of us did), there was already a pseudo-spinoff starring Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Glenn Howerton called That '80s Show. Related merely by title and creators, the series revolved around a group of young people figuring out life in '80s San Diego. It was not well received by audiences and was cancelled after only 13 episodes.

The glimmer hope fans of That '70s Show have is the use of, honestly, two of the best TV parents ever written. Now older and, more than likely, crankier, Red will get to tangle with a completely new generation teens or 'dumb asses', as he would put it. Meanwhile, Kitty will bring her quick-witted charm to the table to even out the dynamic.

The show will be filmed in the same three-camera style as the original, keeping that same feel in a new era. That '90s Show in in the early development stages so release dates and casting are TBA. Here's hoping the heart of the show will be enough of a foundation to make this work.

Hello, Wisconsin!