There's never a dull moment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and last night was no exception. Last night, however, the person on the end of the prank was the host himself. Saturday Night Live alum and current star of The Shrink Next Door, Will Ferrell, was set to be a guest on the popular late night show. The ever enthusastic Jimmy Fallon vibrantly announced the actors name. The cameras turned to the curtain from which guests enter, and out came...Ryan Reynolds?!

While fans obviously would have loved to see Ferrell emerge from behind the curtain, no one could possibly be disappointed by the apperance of Ryan Reynolds! Fallon announced proudly, "Please welcome the always entertaining, the one and only, Will Ferrell!" The signature cow-bell song played loudly, and Reynolds too the stage with his signature self-aware confidence. He told Fallon that Ferrell asked him to step in on the show. Ever humble, Ryan said, "Look, I'm uncomfortable with the word 'hero', Jimmy, but I'm here." If you listen closely you can hear Fallon clarify for all of us that he did not, in fact, call Reynolds a hero. However, we know that he definitely is one. 

Both Ferrell and Reynolds are taking the screen in impressive ways. Will Ferrell can be seen in The Shrink Next Door which is currently streaming on Apple TV+, and Ryan Reynolds can be seen in the film Red Notice, which will begin streaming on Netflix tomorrow! We'll just have to watch both to make sure there are no more switch-a-roos!