Seth Rogen's quarantine pottery journey has taken him exactly where everyone expected it to: Making homemade rolling trays.

Even though everyone kind of saw this coming when he started making little clay pots early in 2020 (he even made a joke about it,) it's safe to say that nobody saw the level of ingenuity, style and...coziness he would bring to the project.

In a new Twitter video, Rogen shows off his brand new, handmade rolling tray, complete with grinder, paper dispenser, ashtray, and joint holder.


He also took the sly opportunity to show people, with his Mr. Rogers sweater and gentle, calm demeanor, how to actually roll a joint, something many people who indulge in marijuana actually don't know how to do themselves.

This may actually have been a clever marketing play, because Rogen will frequently end up selling his handmade inventions through his company, Houseplant, but a rolling tray is a big and intimidating item to buy for those who aren't sure if they'll use it. But when he showed people how to roll on his tray, he makes doing it look so easy, suddenly purchasing it seems like a great way to learn if you're intimidated.

Whether he was in fact trying to drum up business or he was just being our kind, eccentric, weed-loving Uncle Seth is unclear, but either way, great video Seth - we hope you keep 'em coming.

(And seriously, when does that rolling tray drop on your website? Interested parties need to know.)

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