Vaughn Hebron at BET+ And Footage Film's
(Photo : Via Getty Images)

We're seeing a lot of Vaughn Hebron these days. Not only is the actor starring in the Paramount+ revival of "The Game," but Hebron is also making an appearance in "King Richard," the biographical film about Richard Williams' efforts to support and shape Venus and Serena Williams' tennis careers. The film has been generating a lot of Oscar buzz, particularly around Will Smith's performance as the Williams patriarch. Recently, Enstarz got the chance to sit down with Hebron as he dishes on what it was like to be on set with the legendary actor, and what he's learned from Smith.

In the interview, Hebron reveals that his character, Monsta, has no relation with the real-life Monster Kody, who was a gangster active in Compton during the time the Williams sisters were growing up. And though the role was a much harder, cold-faced character than he's ever played before, Hebron still cherished the opportunity to play on the same stage as Smith.

Of his experience working alongside Smith, Hebron said, "I felt like I was a student in a class. Obviously, we were there working...but it was still like a third eye watching him, taking him in." Hebron excitedly adds, "There were some times in the scene I'm just watching him, and I'm like, oh snap, I'm on the camera, too?" We're excited to see Hebron in "King Richard" and how his character interacts with Smith's Richard Williams.

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