Can you believe Thanksgiving is TOMORROW? We can't. What is it about nighttime at 4PM that makes the day seem to go by so much faster?

Oh, wait...

Anyway, enough about tomorrow, because TODAY is Way-Back Wednesday, everyone's favorite day of the week! Except, forget that we said forget about tomorrow, because this week's Way-Back Wednesday is actually all about Thanksgiving...

Anyway, enjoy these funny YouTube videos - and maybe save some for if your family starts annoying the crap out of you tomorrow.

Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving

It's clear that this was staged, but that doesn't make it any less funny.

In this video, a young man and his father pick a fight over thanksgiving grace. The father's passive aggression and the gamer's sarcasm eventually prompts Dad to throw a roll and kick the kid out. 

Thanksgiving is ruined, suffice it to say. It wasn't really funny - so it's really good thing it was part of a series.

Dj Suede The Remix God ft. Pastor Shirley Caesar - You Name It!

Pastor Shirley was throwing down some serious beats this one Thanksgiving, and Dj Suede turned it into an absolute vibe. And it's a good thing, too - the world needs more Thanksgiving songs.

My Review On Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie review

This sweet little Titus Andromedus bought FIVE PIES - Patti LaBelle's pies, to be specific. He loves Patti LaBelle so much he simply had to sample her sweet potato pies - and give a shout out to supporting Black businesses in the process.

Spoilers: He loves the pie so much that her spirit comes out of his body in song form. It's not a spoiler. If you don't see him do it you haven't watched it.

Kalen Reacts To Potato Salad Cake

Kalen Reacts was like the original Mukbang - kind of. His reactions to thse weird Ellen recipes is absolutely everything - but when the video slows down and he can really take his time, and nothing beats watching his horror build as this whte lady...effectively ruins the very concept of potato salad.

The humanity.

Happy Thanksgiving Vine

Ok, ok, this wasn't technically YouTube,'s ON YouTube! 

Look, nobody said Way-Back Wednesdays had to be all YouTube anyway. Vine is a (sadly) dead medium - if we can't include it on our trips on the Way-Back train, then we will let it slip into oblivion. From now on There Will Be Vines Also.

Look at all those...

SPEAKING of Vines...gotcha! This one actually isn't a Vine. the last six seconds became FAMOUS on Vine, but the original video is much longer - just a parent posting sweet home videos of his kiddio online.

Stranger meets grandma who offered Thanksgiving meal via text

You may remember this national feel-good story from a few years ago, about a pair of strangers who ended up starting an annual Thanksgiving tradition becaues of a wrong number:


Sadly, if the friends decide to continue their tradition this year, they will be down by one, because the adopted Grandpa unfortunately died of Covid-19.

Franklin's 50th "Peanuts" Anniversary

Whoops, from one downer into the next, huh? This isn't a viral video - we could not find the original, this is why we make these posts - but it is based on one, about how the character Franklin literally sits on his own side of the table (in a chair that was formerly posessed) at the Thanksgiving meal. 

This clip from The Daily Show just showcases a few other times that the Peanuts committed microaggressions against Franklin - because what's Thanksgiving without a slight sprinkle of remembering America's many national shames?

Anyway, sorry to end on a bummer, but secretly we've given you a gift: Now your avid curiosity to watch that special and see if it was really THAT BAD will get you right into the cozy, feel-good Thanksgiving spirit.

And if that doesn't work, just scroll back up and watch the chickens kid again.